Podcast Update

Posted: July 23, 2008 in Living Stones Church, Preaching

Just a quick note to those who have been asking.  The podcasts of the past three weeks have been a little off.

July 6th – we only got half of the message (it is at www.livingstoneschurch.podbean.com)

July 13th – we only got the last seven minutes of the message.

July 20th – we didn’t record at all.

I’m not naming names…yet…but it appears to be an insider job 🙂 .  Could be software problems, could be human resource problems…but…we have problems.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  We’ll be back online soon!

So, to my Chinese listeners…I’m sorry.  You’d be surprised at home many people in China are listening to the messages.  Seriously…I can’t figure it out.  But the host site of the podcast gives me the statistics of what countries are listening to the messages (or at least downloading them).  China, India, Hong Kong, Canada, France, Germany…kind of weird!

  1. Buffy says:

    I think that it is VERY COOL that we (or at least you are:)) are being heard around the world!

  2. Egg Foo Young says:


  3. Yokko Shufu says:

    Translation: Isaac so awesome. Sam alright but Isaac cool one. I green hippo playing harp.

  4. Hideki Matsui says:


  5. Egg Foo Young's wife says:

    You may want to send the offical translation to your comment, others will be at liberty to translate it to whatever they want, though I do agree that Isaac is pretty awesome!

  6. andrew says:

    Egg Foo Young’s translation is: Sam is weirdo I, Andrew is awesome

  7. dave says:

    Andrew, Sam is going to bust out kungfu on you if you are not nice to him then have a nice bowl of pork fried rice

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