Posted: July 24, 2008 in Discipleship, faith

In my daily Bible reading…que trumpets 🙂  (which isn’t as daily as I would like) I finally finished the book of Leviticus.  I love the Word of God.  But can I say, I’m glad I’m out of Leviticus?!  No other book of the Bible poses as many questions for me as Leviticus.  I will at least tell you this…I will not be boiling a baby goat in its mother’s milk (what?!?!).

  1. The Bishop says:

    Boiling a baby goat in it’s mother’s milk? This is an old Philistine recipe. You should have seen what they did with 3-toed slot pizza.

  2. The Bishop says:

    That’s 3-toed Sloth Pizza. Hit the “submit” button too soon.

  3. Any good MLT recipes in there? The classic mutton – lettuce – tomato.

  4. alex says:

    You mean, you, don’t boil a baby goat in its mother’s milk. Well I don’ know if I can go to a church where this is done on a regular basis. Lindsey and I have been doing this for years. I think we need to have a chat.

  5. The Bishop says:

    If one consumes baby goat that has been boiled in the mother’s milk; one will have an inordinate need for Altoids – Super Strength Altoids, I think.

  6. kathy says:

    3 toed slot pizza.. I was thinking.. hmmmm…there were casinos back in them there days were there? …perhaps the sloth used his 3 toes to pull the lever to get the pizza…

    Hey now …Hey now.. ya’ll have me thinking of pizza…. (alex do you hear the melody)

    I do believe Jabez’s prayer is in Leviticus..
    I’m sure glad that Mr. Wilkerson persevered with his study of Leviticus. Trusting God to widen our territory..

    heard a statistic tonight 2002-2004 .. there should have been 221 more churches opening in Indiana to handle the population growth.. but instead there were 20 that closed..

    how sad is that…..
    and did you know that on a given Sunday 20 % of the Indiana folks attend church.. 20% .. hey guys we are truly missionaries in a land of lost folks.

  7. latenitemike says:

    ordering a gyro with everything…youall making me hungry….god bless

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