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364 Days of Teen-Free Living

Posted: July 29, 2008 in Family

Today is Isaac’s Birthday.  He is now 12 years old.  That means I have 364 days left of non-teen parenting.  Next year…I enter the big leagues of parenting.  We’re going to Michigan Adventure today to celebrate.

We love this kid.  He has brought to us what his name means…much “laughter” and joy.  We couldn’t be any prouder of what he is and what he is becoming.

I predict by the end of this year he will be as tall as his dad (not that that is a great accomplishment).  BUT…I can still beat him up! 🙂

Interesting facts about Isaac you may not know:

  • He has one kidney.
  • He is double-jointed…his freak arms look broken when extended.
  • He can name all 18 species of penguins.
  • He could recognize the letters of the alphabet before he could sing the song.
  • When excited, nervous, etc. he jumps up and down and flaps his arms.
  • He has never drank a carbonated beverage (i.e., coke, sprite, etc.)
  • He hates gum.
  • He used to be scared of cow sounds.
  • His middle name is “Samuel” (I like it)
  • At birth he weighed 9 lbs. 2 ounces.
  • His favorite place in the world is Disney World.
  • He loves to dip Olive Garden breadsticks in their alfredo sauce.