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10,000 of these postcards went out in the mail today to 46613 / 46614 (South Side of South Bend).  I’m looking forward to it!

New Message Series beginning this Sunday!!!


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Why is there always ONE fly that stays in your office, never leaves, and pesters you to no end?

We began our VBS last night.  It was a good first night.  Highlights:

  • We had more kids on day one this year than last.
  • More adult volunteers than we have ever had…THANK YOU!!!
  • Different group then year’s past.  Still processing that.
  • Amazing how quickly kids learn new songs and accompanying motions.
  • Snacks that included sugar cookies, M&Ms, and orange candy slices…
  • Registration on day one is always crazy.
  • More on-line registrations than any year previous.
  • Pace and movement of the night was excellent.

Good job to Ann Lynn for putting together another great year of VBS!

I think I may have convinced my wife to begin blogging.

Why I did this, I don’t know…

It could be her rebuttal opportunity!

If she finally goes through with it…I’ll add the link 🙂

This Sunday, fifteen minutes after our worship, if you can spare an hour, we are going to put our VBS set together.  It is a relatively easy set to put up this year.  But we could use help.  With a good turnout…should be no more than an hour.

Afterwards, Ann Lynn said she would take everyone who participated in decorating to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse on her dime!

Now That’s Strong

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Sitting in Starbucks (again) trying to get some writing and work done.  I just ordered a Venti (I think that is Swahili for “slap your mama“) coffee that was advertised as “bold & sophisticated.” 

It is so strong I can literally feel the hair on my chest growing as I type.

…it tickles 🙂

I Long For The Day

Posted: July 9, 2008 in Deep Thoughts

I long for the day when Coke Zero takes over the world and Diet Coke is no more.

Just another deep thought from Sam I Am

Starbuck’s Conversation

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I’m sitting in Starbucks here on Ireland Rd. and behind me are two gentlemen who are about to turn 70.  Here is the real live conversation they were having that I eavesdropped on (published without their permission 🙂 :

Gentlemen #1 speaking to Gentlemen #2:  “….he said it used to be a Church of Christ [this is what caught my attention and caused me to pay attention…or eavesdrop 🙂 ].  But they changed their name to….[insert pause as he tried to remember] Living Stones.  It used to be a Church of Christ.  That is where I used to go when I was younger.  I was curious how it changed so I mentioned I would like to go to see what it was like.  So he [member at Living Stones] said, ‘‘Ill pick you up on Sunday.’  I went and it was really good.  I even went two weeks in a row.  People were really friendly and I could tell they loved my friend and his children…I liked it.

Gentlemen #2:  That’s great.

In a moment the smile on my face will calm down.  I love eavesdropping!

Yesterday 5000 VBS postcard invitations came to the church.  They get labeled tonight (if you got nothing to do and would like to help label…be at church @ 6:30 p.m.)and will go to post office tomorrow.  I’m partial to the picture on the front (but I’m not the one who designed it…or asked that it be designed that way…seriously…you can ask Jennae!  But they sure are cute kid models 🙂 )

This coming Sunday we wrap up our What’s Your Song? message series out of the Psalms with a message on CELEBRATION [Psalm 145] (Yes…that is right…we are coming out of the Betrayed, Ashamed, and Crushed tones!). 

After that, we begin a brand new message series (which follows a week of VBS) entitled – 101 REVOLUTIONARY THINGS TO TEACH YOUR KIDS!!!  We are mailing out about 10,000 postcard invitations to the South Side of South Bend and have placed a billboard on the corner of Miami & Ireland (you know…above all the construction!!!…it is there as of this morning!)  Should be great!