Estrogen Has Left the House

Posted: August 31, 2008 in Family

Kelly and Alex left this afternoon for St. Louis.  Kelly’s sister, Lori, and her husband, Max, just had their fifth child.  A baby girl named Sicily Faith (that makes me once again…Uncle Sam).

So…now that estrogen has left the house, the only thing left in the house is three men.  Testosterone.

So, the boys and I have renamed the house…”The Man Cave.”

The plan is to eat only manly food (no quiche).  Blocks of cheese will be set out as functional decorations.  We will also permit video games, baseball, football, and Ultimate Fighting Championship on T.V.  If we put a movie in, it must have a burp or fart purely for humor.  We will wash dishes when they run out.  And we will pick up the house when it is inconvenient to move around.  My son’s training into manhood begins now! 🙂

  1. Kneip says:

    How’s your fire insurance?

  2. Somerandomdude says:

    Sounds like fun except the cheese part 😦

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