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The Biggest Loser for September 28, 2008

  • Road trip to Grand Canyon!
  • Come on everyone…you are trying to lose weight!  Skip the RV and go camping!  Good decision Yellow team.  Last week’s gamble didn’t pay off.
  • Yep…it is about equal…Extra Gum versus an all-beef hot dog.  Give me a break.  Are you trying to tell me a stick of gum is going to satisfy my hunger in the same way a delicious hot dog would?
  • Pink team…put the medicine balls down!!
  • Is this Survivor or Biggest Loser?  Leaderless, wandering around looking for food, shelter, sleeping, etc.? 
  • Ed & Heba, when asked how the RV was in front of everyone else you’re only answer is… “It would be better if everyone had one as well.”
  • Someone is going to win an RV!!! That is awesome…until they can’t ever drive it because gas pricesare sky high.  Congrats to Ed & Heba…you should put it in your front yard on blocks.
  • Purple team…Shellay…good thinking by throwing the ENTIRE rope out into the water!  Pull it back in and redo it…what are you thinking!?
  • When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” – Jillian.  Oh that’s stout.
  • Jerry’s leg doesn’t look good.  No blood clot.  Torn hamstring.
  • Jillian is beating the snot out of Michelle…and making her eyes excrete a salty substance mixed with Mary Kay mascara
  • Red team weigh in…wow!  Good job.  15 total pounds (Phil under 300).  Brown team…8 pounds…little disappointed.  Pink team…9 pounds.  Orange team…(commercials are irritating)…18 total pounds (Ed under 300…good).  Purple team (excuses excuses)…9 pounds.  Yellow team…(and yet…another commercial)…5 pounds (Jerry GAINED 2 pounds!).  He is retaining water…come on people.
  • Vicki (Brown team) just said, “Screw my husband…I’m staying!”  And she smiled at Colleen and Jerry’s weight misfortune.  I don’t like her (at least in TV world…her and Johnny Fairplay).
  • Twist tonight.  No one votes.  Only one family falls below the yellow line.  Then that family has to decide which of the two of them goes home.  Yellow team lost and fell below the line.  Colleen or Jerry are going home.  I’m bummed about that.  I like yellow team.  Colleen deserves to stay.  But Jerry NEEDS to be there because of his health.
  • Going home:  JERRY!  I like that dude.

Jerry looks good!  Great job dude on the turn around of health.  Of five cardiac medicines, Jerry is off four of them.  Keep going dude!  He has lost a total of 70 pounds.

Well…I think my wife is glad to be finished with this message series on sex. 🙂

The fourth and final message of our four week series entitled “and on the Sixth Night” is now on-line.  This message series is on sex.  The fourth week’s message is entitled, “Life, Hormones, & Jesus“  In it we talk about how to live as faithful disciples of Jesus in the bodies God gave us with all of its accompanying hormones, nerve-endings, and sexualities!   You can find the message here.

Government Bailout

Posted: September 29, 2008 in Finances, Money

Just paid my bills and worked on my budget.  I’ve decided that I need a government bailout.  I’m not greedy though.  I would settle for just 1% of that 700 billion dollars.

Attention Living Stoners

Starting this Sunday there is a new space available for parents who are dealing with a noisy child!  We have converted my old office (through lobby…1st door on your left) into a new space we are calling The Little Theatre.  In it we have closed circuit T.V. (flat screen even 🙂 ) that will allow you to comfort your child AND continue to watch and participate with what is going on in the auditorium.


  • The Little Theatre is intended for parents of children who need to attend to them because of noise or distractions.
  • The intention of the room is to allow parents to remain engaged with what is happening in the auditorium.  Thus it isn’t intended for you to strike up a long conversation with other parents who are trying to listen to the message (we aren’t legalistic about this…it isn’t a library…but…you get the spirit of this). 
  • The room is not intended for you to take your cell phone call.
  • The room is not intended for those who come to church late and don’t want to walk into the auditorium.
  • The room is not intended for other adults (or teens, or animals, etc.) to sit in there with no apparent reason for being there. 🙂 (plus…that just makes nursing mothers feel creedp’d out!)

Jennae Gee has done an awesome job of coordinating the whole thing in ONE WEEK’S TIME!!!  Many people have volunteered to come up and help paint the room and get it ready.  Matt Hooton has wired us up for the closed circuit TV capabilities.  It has been phenomenal to watch in such a short space of time.  A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has helped.

I know this is a shift for us in regards to recent expectations and conversations.  If I might, let me share the motivation behind some of these shifts:

  • We love your children.  We offer a children’ ministry BECAUSE we love your children.  When children’s ministry stuff is going on…your child should participate.  Why?  1) Because of what they are learning and experiencing in the children’s ministry.  They are learning and hearing about Jesus and God’s love for them!; 2) It allows you either a parental break (which everyone needs) or some freedom from distraction to pay attention to the message; 3) It keeps your child from distracting those around you who are trying to listen to the message…or keeps your child from distracting the preacher who is trying to deliver the message; 4) the message delivered is intended for an adult-environment/setting.
  • Distractions come in many forms.  You may have a well-behaved baby…but if they are cute (and what baby isn’t cute?)…everyone wants to coo and stare at the cute baby!  Why?  Because cute babies are funner (is that a word?) to watch than the “not-as-cute-as-those-little-babies” preacher.
  • We have had some good and honest feedback from recent guests who left very distracted by the level of noise created by children in the auditorium during the message.
  • This is a change in culture for us.  In the past we have been very loose in our expectations of children and where they are at any given time.  As we have grown and the number of children in our church has exponentially increased, we have discovered the need to rethink this.
  • We aren’t legalistic about this.  There are exceptions.  Situations like new guests with kids who don’t know us and aren’t ready to hand their kids off to the children’s ministry, or a child who for whatever reason, just isn’t going to make it in class that day…we understand.  BUT if a child does become disruptive…thanks to The Little Theatre…there is now a place to go and still remain engaged.
  • As the preacher, I can literally watch the church turn from anything I have to say to watching a noisy (happy or sad noises) child.  (The layout of our auditorium [long and narrow] is so not helpful in covering over distractions).  From my vantage point, it is a sight to behold.  I could be talking about flying unicorns who live on a distant planet that eat pickles and wild berries – and at the moment no one would even know 🙂
  • I believe people need to hear the Word of God.  And if they can’t, or if they miss something crucial because of distractions, we keep people from potentially taking an important step in their faith.

So there it is.  I know a lot for one blog post.  Announcement:  new room!  Expectations for new room.  And some emerging family issues we needed to address (as every functional [and not so functional] family needs to do from time to time).

See you Sunday.

P.S.  If you are single (and it isn’t all about singles)…but if you are…you should be there…and bring your single friends.  And yes…we are still talking about sex.  Which often times produces children.  Hey speaking of which…starting this Sunday we have a new room… (where is my ADD medication?) 🙂

Spiders in the House

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Is it just us, or after the rains the week before last – does anyone else have like a TON of spiders in their house?  Good grief…I’m tired of walking through spider webs!

This photo just gives me chills.

USC vs. Oregon State

Posted: September 26, 2008 in sports

Wow!  Big time upset.  Unranked Oregon State beats #1 USC!  I just love that.


Everything is cyclical.  It is coming back baby!!  The song is coming back!!  “Jesus is my friend…(Jesus is a friend of mine).”

New Signs!

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Calvary Temple, now Southgate Church (excellent name given the fact that they are on Michigan & Chippewa which is the South Gate entrance of South Bend) got a new sign!  So much better.  Love new signs.

Growth Group Sign-ups

Posted: September 24, 2008 in Living Stones Church, vision

Living Stoners,

We are a little behind on the sign-up dealy-o for Fall Growth Groups (totally my fault…sorry about that).  October begins in 7 days!!  Isn’t that crazy?!  To help expedite the sign-ups (which we are in need of doing), there is an on-line option.  If you haven’t had a chance, feel free to click here (or click on the logo) and register for a Fall 2008 Growth Group.  I’m very excited about the variety of offerings this semester.

The Fall semester groups begin the first week of October and will conclude on Monday, November 24th.

You will be responsible for any reading/study materials necessary for the group.  We recommend and for the cheapest prices.

Two notes about this semester’s growth groups:

1.  We are NOT providing childcare at the building on Tuesdays as we have in the past.

2.  The Self-Defense Growth Group (led by the Chuck Norris beating Gary Dolezal) being offered on Thursdays are open to anyone…kids, teens, adults, seniors, you name it!

(spoiler alert)

Biggest Loser Highlights:

  • Hey Michelle (pink team), I like Jillian, but her counseling advise that your mother found another man, left your father, split up your family, and didn’t speak to you for six years…IS NOT THE BEST GIFT SHE HAS EVER GIVEN YOU!!  What the crap kind of message was that?!
  • Average for weight loss in 2nd week is 2%.  Hard week to lose.  That is why on week two of diets I like to eat a lot of pizza to make myself feel better.
  • I sure like that Yellow Team.  (Jerry & Colleen)
  • I would NOT play the percentage game for $10,000…too much risk.  (didn’t pay off 😦 )
  • OK…”slip in slide” producing too much crackage (if you know what I mean 🙂 )
  • Ed & Heba’s (orange team) stock in my mind just went up big time!  Giving up a phone call to Amy & Phil (red team).  Classy.
  • Rocco’s recipes looked pretty good.  Winner of groceries for a year – Amy (purple team).
  • Last chance workout…stop whining and start working out people!!  [sniff…sniff…] I’m sensing a major breakthrough with Colleen and Jillian…[sniff…sniff…]
  • Phil (red team) looks like Tenacious D.
  • Isaac’s commentary about Ed being weighed on the scale, “His nipples distract me.”
  • L.T. (grey team) – dude…gained 3 pounds!!  Wow.
  • Bottom two – grey & yellow teams.
  • Oh dude…orange team voted against grey team.  What is up with that?!
  • Grey team is going home!!  Yellow survived.
  • Favorite quote – “I gained three pounds.  I came to a fat loss show and gained three pounds!  Would you be mad if you went to like a makeover show and they made you uglier.” – L.T.
  • Grey team…follow-up pictures…looks good.