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Happy Thanksgiving

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Clothing Offering

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Dear Living Stoners

Just a reminder to everyone that this Sunday we are having a CLOTHING OFFERING.  Out of our iGot series as we talk about living in a spirit of contentment and gratitude and as an antidote to a “never enough” lifestyle, we are asking everyone to go home, open up their closet, and pull out clothes that you do not need…bring them on Sunday…we will gather them up…and take them to HOPE ministries.

Pouring the Dungeon

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Got to the church office today and there was a concrete truck continuing the work on the children’s wing.  It is very exciting!  Today they are pouring the dungeon in the basement for misbehaved children.  At first I was opposed to the idea.  But after Tina Dobrzykowski explained that not only could it work in disciplining unruly children but that it would make a perfect setting for a lesson on hell and to reenact early Christians in catacombs being persecuted by Roman soldiers – then I was totally sold on the idea.  It is going to be great!! 🙂

Favorite moment of the night…

Bob’s smug little blue team (even I was turning a bit on Bob) had great numbers and with only Michelle and Renee on the black team they needed huge numbers.  Renee pulled out a great number and it came down to Michelle who needed to lose 6 lbs.

SHE LOST 10 LBS.!!!!  My family and I nearly went through the roof in excitement.

Amy C. and Heba fell below the yellow line.  Hmmm…who do we think Vicky is going to vote for?

Result:  Amy C.  goes home.  I like Amy.  She did really well.  I bet she is wishing she wouldn’t have sent Coleen home now!