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Saw this on my friend, Carson Reed’s blog.  Brilliant.

Opting Out of the Media Blitz

Posted: December 9, 2008 in Finances, Money

Read this article by Michael Hyatt and do the same.  It is so true.

The media keeps telling us we are in a recession.  Thank you, but I’m choosing not to participate.

  1. The Living Stones Church is decked with Christmas lights.  Thank you to everyone who participated on Saturday and for Jennae Gee and her master plan!  Neat to drive by at night and see the building.  Because of the weather, we weren’t able to put more lights on the roof like we wanted to 😦  We were going to do a light mosaic of my face…oh well…maybe next year!
  2. All of the “snowflakes” (gifts) from the Giving Tree are gone thanks to the awesomeness of you guys!  Thank you thank you thank you.  Don’t forget to drop the gifts off (if you haven’t already) by the church by tomorrow (Wednesday)!  And BIG THANK YOUS to Buffy Gerndt and Carla Myers for coordinating all of it!
  3. Loved worship on Sunday.  Love the songs…Mighty to Save and AmazedMark Osterhout brilliant job on In the Bleak Midwinter.  Taking communion like we did is my favorite.  Love watching everyone take communion and thinking… “This is my community…they are wonderful!”  And seeing Verda walk J.R. up there…come on…tell me that isn’t just the best.
  4. Looking forward to the Discovery Class tonight.  Cheap pizza and sharing the vision of the Living Stones Church.  Life is good…life is good.
  5. Don’t forget Santa & Sweets this Saturday 4:00 – 5:30 p.m. followed by the Erskine Blvd. Luminary Walk @ dusk.  It is awesome and all of the neighbors will be out participating.  Bring a dessert and a white elephant gift.
  6. Growth Group sign-ups are underway.  Growth Groups for January look good!
  7. Children’s wing is still coming along.  I’m getting impatient though.  Ready for us to move the kids back into the building from “Ruth’s house.”  To Tina “D” and parents…thank you for your patience in the process…it will be worth it in the end.