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Christmas Prayers

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Dear Living Stoners,

We’ve had some sad news today.  Anita Butler passed away this morning.  Please keep Anita’s husband, John, and kids – Mallorie, Matthew, and Mandy in your prayers.

Jim Ruth and Janie Yike lost both of their mothers this week as well. 

Rough day and rough week to walk through these tragedies. 

Please keep them in your prayers.


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If you all loved me like you say you do…you would gather together as my friends and family and when I walk through the kitchen door with yet another plate of food, you would sit me down and stage an intervention beginning with…

Sam…you have a problem…”

Then I would wipe the whipped cream of my face and say… “Oh yea…I forgot my spork.”

P.S.  Pajama pants are awesome!!