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Oh man is this important!!  If I can grab your attention for just a moment I would love to share what is for us a matter of GREAT IMPORTANCE in regards to the life of the Living Stones Church!!! (translation:  this is a little long…but worth it) 🙂

This past Sunday we had over 125 children present!  125 children!!!  And when I say children, I don’t mean like non-adults 18 and under.  I mean our children’s ministry which is birth to the 4th grade.  In the fourth grade you are nine turning 10.  That means we had present (and that isn’t even all the children who attend Living Stones Church):

125 children 10 and under Sunday at the Living Stones Church.

Our growth in the children’s ministry has been EXPLOSIVE!!!  Holy cow!!! 

 I’m always hesitant to appeal for help because the tone of such appeals can very easily sound like a sinking ship that is trying to recruit more people to try to keep it afloat.  This is NO sinking ship.  This is a quickly expanding ship that is in need of help to deal with the growth.  Right now Tina Dobrzykowski (you can call her Tina “D”) and her team (which is awesome) is in process of dealing with this explosion of growth and about to make some radical and wonderful changes to take us to the next level.  But here is the deal…Tina “D” and her team are totally volunteering their time!  Tina has a full-time job.  She does that and IN ADDITION is leading our children’s ministry.  And she needs some serious volunteer help!!  They are presently trying to continue with a list of volunteers that was put together when we were half the size and we HAVE to expand or we are going to be, to steal an analogy from Jesus, a fermenting, expanding, growing, dynamic wine that is about to burst the wineskin ruining both the wine and the wineskin!!

Check out these statistics:

  • Approximately 85% of those who receive Christ do so before age 15.
  • The probability of someone receiving Christ by age is as follows:  32% for ages 5-13; 4% for ages 14-18; and 6% for those 19 and older. 
  • Adults who attended church regularly as children are nearly three times as likely to be attending a church today as their peers who did not go to church during childhood (61% to 22% respectively).
  • People come back to church because of their kids.
  • Kids who beg their parents to go to church because they love it are highly successful (I do not have statistical data on this…but I think it is true! 🙂 )
  • There are about 11,808 children who live in 46614 & 46613 (the South Side of South Bend).  11,808!!!

This is so important to us.  And we so need you!!  There are lots of areas of service.  You don’t have to just teach (although we need that too).  My prayer is that God will give us a growing heart for our kids and a desire among us as adults to see them know and fall in love with Jesus Christ!!!  It will be awesome!!!

If you would like to jump in and be a part of this exciting and rapidly growing ministry-  to love kids and insure that they see Jesus please e-mail Tina “D” right here and tell her you are interested in getting involved!!!  (As should be the norm in every church, and for the sake of our children, a background check takes place for all volunteers).

If I had to recommend one message that answers the question, “So…what is Living Stones Church about?” this past Sunday’s message is it!  If you missed it, I would HIGHLY encourage you to hear our story and God-given vision.  If you have friends who are curious or ever ask…”What’s your church like?” (or something like that) this message would be a good resource.

We are in the middle of a four week message series.  The overall series is entitled, “Story:  A Tale of God’s Movement on the South Side.”  This week’s message is called, “An Encounter in Room #7”  It is a conversation about our transition over the past several years from an acappella Church of Christ to being the Living Stones Church.  If you were ever curious about that journey…here it is.

You can find the message here.

One other cool deal-ieo…Dana Hooton put together a page for us on iTunes!  Just go to the iTunes store, type in Living Stones Church in the search bar and we should come up (the logo is a stone background with a heart and “Living Stones” etched on it).  Click on the subscribe button and you can have all of the messages automatically downloaded to your iTunes.  I’m sure you’ll want to hear the sermons again…and again…and again.  Especially if you having trouble sleeping. 🙂  Thanks Dana!!!

Here are the pictures I showed during the message:

No win situation on The Biggest Loser last night.  (Not that we didn’t know that was coming since they ruined the surprise in last week’s trailer…nice job producer/editors).

Daniel and David (Orange Team) and Ron & Mike (Brown Team) fell below the yellow line.

The two youngest, and heaviest contestants on the chopping block.  It stinks.  And then David had to open his mouth about not really being enthusiastic about being on the ranch.  So…bye-bye.  Way to ruin it for your best friend.  But, Daniel’s “after” pictures looked great!  Good job Dan man!!

I’ve got a new favorite.  Tara (Green Team).  If I had a job opening I would hire her in a second because:

  1. She works really hard.
  2. She is competitive but preserves relationships in the midst of it.
  3. She pushes, encourages, and supports everyone around her.
  4. When you screw up, or think stupid thoughts, she isn’t afraid to get in your face and tell you (did you hear her go after David last night?…yes!).
  5. She sees beyond the individual and knows there is a more important collective good (why in spite of David she was going to keep Daniel in the show and make David see something greater was going on).

Someone should hire her immediately!

Winter Parkers

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Why is it that when a little snow covers a parking lot everyone all of a sudden seems to think there is 15 feet of space between each car?!!



Hey Living Stoners,

Just wanted to give you an update on a few of our fellow Living Stoners:

Raelyn Marjorie Ramey– Leisl Christopher-Murphy had her baby yesterday evening at 7:34 p.m.  The baby weighed in at 7 lbs. 7 ounces.  Long day.  Ultimately had a c-section.  Mom and baby are doing well.

Dick Newport – is at home.  Hospice is coming to the house several times a week.  Be praying for Dick and Diana during this time.  Talking is difficult for Dick, but he is very responsive through nods of the head.

Betty Ketchum– is at the Golden Living Center (on 12th street in Mishawaka).  She is in room #105.  She is in some pain.  They are trying to manage it.  Be praying for Betty, and her family – Janelle, P.J., and the sweet grandkids.  They are hoping she might get strong enough to go back home. 

Baby Osterhout – Amy went into the hospital last night.  Began 1st stage of induction.  Rather than push to other stages of induction, Mark & Amy, along with the doctor decided to send her home to wait a little longer.  She is officially “not working” and we expect to hear a good word anytime.

Heard about this story yesterday.  Very interesting

Two Texas private Christian schools played a basketball game.  Covenant vs. Dallas Academy.  Covenant beat Dallas Academy 100 – 0.  That is not a typo…it says 100 – 0.

The school administrators later apologized.  In response, Covenant’s coach defended his team and his actions.  So, the school fired him.

Talk about a blowout!!  Can you imagine being at that game?  How incredibly awkward.  Does anyone cheer anymore after the score is 50 – 0?  What should the coach and team have done?

What would you have done?

OK…I will be leaving this topic soon so I’m sorry if you’re tired of hearing about it…BUT I’M STILL SO STINKING EXCITED ABOUT IT!!

I got to the office this morning and was greeted by a great voicemail message.  Patti, a fitness trainer from the O’Brien Center (the best gym in the city!), had called and left a wonderful “thank you” message.  After some health issues, and no health insurance (they did an article about her in the paper a week or so ago), she is needing to pay medical bills.  A Living Stoner blessed her with a little money to help.  But what seemed to be the most touching to her was the note that was left with the money.  Whoever did this…YOU’RE COOL!!!

Ann Lynn put some more stories on the Kingdom Investment post.  You can find them here.

I saw this on the Today show Friday morning.  Afterwards, I had to hide in the bathroom so my wife didn’t see me tear up (although I’m pretty sure she knew).

It is a letter from the Bush twins to the Obama girls. 

Now that Obama has been elected and sworn in it appears the country has shifted to the next great debate of our time:

Hillary Swank.  Hot…or not hot.

Cast your votes!

(If you don’t watch The Office you probably have no idea what I’m talking about…that is one funny show!)

Paco Bayer sent me 10 reasons why he loves Living Stones Church.  I took them as a vote “yes” for an octagon going into worship space.

10 Reasons I Love LSC
10.  Everyone is welcomed at My Church
9.    My Church tries new things
8.    My Pastor knows what UFC is
7.    My Pastor likes UFC
6.    My Church has great Music
5.    My Church is outward focused
4.    At My Church you can drink coffee in the Quarry (Sanctuary)
3.    My Pastor has a blog that is not just about church stuff
2.    At My Church people are genuinely nice
1.    My Pastor may be able to beat me up.