New Year’s Eve Movies

Posted: January 1, 2009 in Movies
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Grandma and Grandpa took our three kids in the early afternoon and Kelly and I went and saw THREE movies yesterday!!  THREE!!  That is a record in one day.  There are about a dozen movies we have wanted to see so we decided to tackle as many as we could and still find time for Outback cheese fries and being home in time to watch the ball drop.  Excellent New Year’s Eve.  And in review…

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button:  Two thumbs up from Kelly and I.  It was an excellent movie, and while I hate to admit it (and why I’m not sure…maybe it is jealousy), Brad Pitt was outstanding in his acting as Benjamin Button.  It is a long story.  The movie is three hours in length.  But it is an excellent story.  And I’m saying that as a dude that appreciates good explosions and gratuitous humor.  None in the movie.  And yet…still good.



Valkyrie:  This is Tom Cruise’s movie about a corp of German officers who attempted an assassination of Adolf Hitler.  Two thumbs up from Kelly and I as well.  Good action.  Haven’t been a big fan of Tom Cruise for several years.  But I thought he did a good job in this movie.  I love movies based on a true story.  Mr. Collins from the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice played Adolf Hitler!  🙂



Seven Pounds:  Once again, two thumbs up from Kelly and I.  (That has to be a record too – three movies that Kelly and I agree deserve two thumbs up).  The genius of this movie has been the marketing and trailers.  They have given nothing away.  We went into the movie curious because of Will Smith and the trailers we had seen, but the trailers gave us NOTHING in regards to plot.  For some reason I like that.  Too many movies in the trailer give you the whole movie or let you see every funny part in the movie.  Here is the deal about Seven Pounds (without giving anything away)…you have to make it through the whole movie to like it.  It is a journey of a story.  Not a lot of action, not a bunch of suspense, no thrills (at least until the end).  So you have to be committed.  But it was worth it.  It has an IRS agent in the story (I thought my dad would be interested).

And the Outback Cheese Fries…well…as you would expect…the perfect blend of fried golden goodness with the right combination of colby jack cheese and bacon with a generous lathering of a tangy ranch deliciousness.

  1. stacybuckeye says:

    Three theater movies in one day is pretty impressive!

  2. Jim Ruth says:

    From the sound of your of your appetite and the choice of foods, you are suggesting it is safe to sit in the front row…..without foul weather gear. Glad you are feeling better!

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