Children’s Wing Now Open

Posted: January 9, 2009 in Living Stones Church, vision


I have the final and definitive word:  ALL LIVING STONES CHILDREN ARE BACK IN THE BUILDING AND OUT OF “RUTH’S HOUSE” NEXT DOOR.  Amen!!  Hallelujah!!  And thank you parents and teachers for your patience and understanding in this remodeling process.

The rooms are habitable!  They are safe!  They look great…and so different!!!


They are not finished.  So, while we are meeting in them on Sunday, what you will see is NOT the final product.  There is more decor to be accomplished.  We felt we had to get the kids back in the building now!!  But here is where we are (in the words of Jennae Gee):

  • Complete so far is a re-working of the floor plan to make the most use of our square footage, an added toddler restroom adjoining the nursery and preschool rooms, an updated family restroom that is now handicapped accessible (good-bye old stinky men’s bathroom…Sam’s commentary), and bright new windows to flood the entire wing with natural light.

Preview of what is to come:

  • The hallway and lobby space will be splashed in bright canyon colors, canopied by a sky above (this will make more sense as our children’s ministry vision is communicated in the days ahead…again Sam’s commentary).
  • The nursery (infant – 2 yrs) is a garden theme, already a lush green, and will contain bright, high contrast butterflies, flowers, trees and the like to keep the tiniest of us stimulated and happy.
  • The preschool room (3 – 4 yrs), a bright yellow, will be transformed into ‘Play-Town,’ complete with imaginative spaces that include a school, a fire/police station, a grocery, (a liquor store…just a joke from Sam to see if you were still reading), and more.
  • The K-1st grade room, yet to have any color on the wall, will soon be a castle for our Warriors and Princesses.  The smallest of our spaces, the square footage will be extended with a lofted play area, possibly with a draw bridge.
  • The largest space is our Rock Star room, home to our 2nd – 4th graders, but also scaled to hold larger kid gatherings.  When this room is complete, there will be a portable stage with sound and media capabilities, fun lighting, and a blackboard wall for rock star graffiti.

Thank you to everyone who has invested time, energy, and resources.  Thank you Living Stones Church for your investment in this project through your tithes and offerings.  It is exciting.  A brand new awesome thing is about to go down in our Children’s Ministry!!  I promise you will be excited and want to be a part!!!

  1. eB says:

    Sounds like great changes!

    I’m a little concerned about the preschool Play Town’s imaginative spaces. It’s good the kids will learn about going to school and fire safety but… fake IDs for the liquor store?

  2. scmiller says:

    What a great way to start the new year! It sounds really creative and fun. And the commentary suggests that Miss Jennae has been watching HGTV.

  3. Jennae says:

    scmiller… that’s hillarious! …re-reading my commentary, I too can tell I watch a lot of HGTV! How funny.

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