Snowblowers are for Sissies

Posted: January 13, 2009 in Uncategorized

People who use snow-blowers are lazy wimps!!


  1. scmiller says:

    You are so jealous. You just covet our toys Mr. Pajama pants man. Question our manhood? Geesh!!!

  2. alex says:

    Ok brosif, you hit a very hot topic. Here is it how it goes down with me: you have lawnmower for your yard because your grass grows and you know it is going to grow so you buy a lawnmowing device that makes it easy on you. A power driven lawnmower is a lot better than an unmotorized push mower. So with this logic lets move to winter. You Live NORTHERN INDIANA next the LAKE where we get LAKE EFFECT SNOW. So you know it is going to snow and it is going to snow HARD. So why use a barbaric device like a shovel when you can use a snow blower, which makes it easier. With you calling people with snow-blowers or future owners of snow-blowers wimps, I better see you with the old school push mower this summer because if snow-blowers are for lazy wimps then so are motorized lawnmowers.

  3. eB says:

    … unless your neighbor has a snowblower and decides to clean your sidewalk for you without you asking. After digging out a drift-covered sidewalk and trenching out the extra deep piles behind and between the cars…

    snowblowers are a-ok with me.

  4. eB says:

    And by “sidewalk” I mean from your front doorstep right up to your car 30 feet away, not that strip along the curb for passerby pedestrians.

    Snowblowers are a friend of mine.

  5. Tom says:

    If you are going to make such a bold statement, you need to use a picture of a “wimpy” snowblower.

    I mean, the picture you used is definitely a man’s snowblower. That thing looks like it could grind up small cars and blow them out of the way!

  6. Doug says:

    Snowblower broke?

  7. ablogfriend says:

    Instead of getting a snow blower, my father had two sons. I decided to move to NC.

  8. OK…I confess. This post was instigated by my own jealousy. I’m so sick of shoveling and it doesn’t look to end anytime soon.

    I REALLY want a snow-blower.

    And I do have two sons. What are their lazy butts doing? Good for nothing sons. I could make them shovel while I sit in the warm toasty living room in pajama pants 🙂

  9. The Bishop says:

    Or, if you’re really aching to use a snowblower, you could go over to your father’s house and use his snowblower on his drive and walks. Then you would be fufilling your longings to use a snowblower and being a good son. Give it a shot. I think your dad wouldn’t mind.

  10. Samson says:

    My butt can be as lazy as it wants until I am 18 and outta the house, thank ya very much.

  11. T.O.W.K says:

    atta boy Samson, i agree with you

  12. Samson…your butt is about to have a big red mark shaped like my shoe in just a minute!! Now go outside and shovel my walk!

  13. T.O.W.K. says:

    cmon sam dont u think thats a little harsh, he is just trying to get out of it the hard way:)

  14. Cindy Swanson says:

    Hi Sam! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. It IS really cool that we have the same favorite shows. I was hoping you would review last night’s Biggest Loser episode, because I always end up agreeing with all your comments!

    Can’t wait for “Lost.” The next day after each episode, I always read the “Lost” comments on the USA Today Pop Candy blog. It’s always fascinating to read people’s theories and reactions.

  15. scmiller says:

    Just cleared my driveway, front walk and the street in front of the mailbox in about 5-10 minutes. Unfortunately, I had to shovel off the front step and little bit of snow on the porch. All that stress. I think I will go put pajama pants on and watch Regis in a little bit.

    You expect your offspring to shovel?


  16. Kneip says:

    Samson — let me just say — I tried that one, and it doesn’t work. Ever hear of the phrase “singing for your supper”? Look it up… 🙂

  17. scmiller says:

    Okay now I’m feeling a little bit guilty. I cleared the driveway again late this afternoon because the plows had come through. Bright sunshine – and a wind that cut right through everything I had on. Man that was cold. Even the golden retriever wanted back inside asap. The husky wanted to stay out – she’s a little goofy about cold weather.

    So if you lived next door Sam, I would gladly offer my snow blower for your use (what – you thought I was going to clear it too?).

  18. kristi says:

    I have to shovel every day it snows at work and then go home and shovel.
    Thank heavens my babysitter will use the snowblower and its usually done by the time i hit home…..but if its not then I do it.

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