1.20.09 Biggest Loser – Joelle

Posted: January 21, 2009 in Biggest Loser, The Biggest Loser

Another great show last night with The Biggest Loser.  But, there are some things brewing…

First, where was Dan for the temptation?  Everyone was there but Dan.  What is up?!  Is he sick?  Is he not capable of facing this “temptation” just yet?  And what is up with his partner eating fried chicken?! “just one piece”  Almost no air time for Dan this week.

Second, a lot of drama surrounding Joelle.  Even with all of the drama Joelle is still NO Vicki.  I’m a little sad for Joelle.  Motivation is a tough thing.  What motivates one, might totally demotivate another.  Does she talk too much?  Yes.  Does she make WAY too many excuses?  Yes.  Is she lazy?  Seems like it (I wonder how I would answer those three questions).  Does screaming at her help?  It seemed to get her to go longer on the treadmill last week with Bob’s potty-mouth (which by the way…too much on the show…I still have a 7, 9, & 12 year old watching…and I finally got their mother to stop saying those words!!)  But there is a breaking point where it is counter-productive.  It is defeating.  And it seems Joelle is there. 

If I had to guess, I would say she is a saboteur by nature.  It is a defense mechanism to deal with failure.  Sabotage your success and you will guarantee your failure thus protecting yourself from dashed hopes and expectations and given yourself an easy out or at least an excuse.  A lot of people do that.  And they do it in a lot of areas of life (e.g., marriage, job, weight loss, finances, sex, etc.).  Screaming at Joelle pushes her further down that path.  Don’t get me wrong.  I totally understand why Carla is frustrated and Bob is losing his patience (I’m screaming at her at my T.V.).  But didn’t you see her just turn both off?  She has quit the game.  She isn’t confident.  She knows her team doesn’t like her.  She has been humiliated by her trainer (and maybe for good reason).  Her best friend is angry.  And every time another person is sent home (poor Damien and Nicole…I like them), she knows everyone in that room, and everyone in America is thinking, “It should have been Joelle.”  Who survives under that?

The ranch was divided last night.  Blue team(Joelle’s team) all voted for her elimation.  Black team voted for Damien.  Don’t tell me that move was anything other than “game play.”  Damien is a much bigger threat long-term than Joelle.  So because the vote was a tie, the lowest % of weight loss goes home.  Good-bye Damien and Nicole. 

So, Joelle lives to see another day.  I hope she surprises everyone.  I think Carla being on the show will be quite entertaining

Did the Producers of the show in a trailer for next week just give us the two who fell below the yellow line? (looks like Dan & Mike [brown team])  DON’T DO THAT!  We like the suspense.

  1. anonymous says:

    I was furious they didn’t send Joelle home. I don’t truly feel she really wants to be there. She actually avoided that question when asked to her last night by another player not to mention her flim flamming exercising she’s doing. She stated last week “I will just fake it til I make it.” Those type of people do not need to be on that show. The others see how she is not putting in 100% which is why I was totally shocked they voted to keep her. I can only hope they eventually see she will be more of a liability than an asset and get her off there.

  2. Foodie McBody says:

    I’m a big fan too and was appalled that Joelle is still around. I feel like she was also shocked and disappointed; that she is SO READY to throw in the towel and would have felt utter relief at the idea of being sent home.

    OTOH I think that Damien had all the ingredients of Jerry last week: a supportive, loving person at home, and enough self motivation to keep going. He’ll be great on his own (and with his fiance).

    I think the whole concept of teams is ridiculous. There’s no advantage to having people on your team in the end; if you end up having fewer people on your team, you get a lot more attention from your trainer.

    I can’t decide if Carla is really cool, or psychopathically scary.

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