A Letter from the Bush Twins

Posted: January 24, 2009 in Family, Politics

I saw this on the Today show Friday morning.  Afterwards, I had to hide in the bathroom so my wife didn’t see me tear up (although I’m pretty sure she knew).

It is a letter from the Bush twins to the Obama girls. 

  1. sister says:

    This was a tear jerker. I saw it on the Today show as well and was close to blubbering. I am amazed how families can go through the presidency and remain in tact. It was heart warming to hear that these girls knew he was not just the president but their daddy who adores them. It makes me like George Bush a little more as well. Amazing letter and very poignant.

  2. Melissa says:

    Ya big saps. Doesn’t sound like anything but a bunch of PR fluff to me.

  3. Jim Ruth says:

    The thing we seem to forget most in politics is that the president is just a person. So far just a bunch of guys who for the most part got married had kids and occupied 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. They are someone’s son, brother, uncle or dad. Just because they add a title to their names doesn’t make less the title of dad. No matter what the people of the United States or the world calls him, to his daughters he will always be “daddy.” To him, no matter what they do, they will always be his little girls. How nice to catch a real glimpse of the Bush’s. Farewell Mr. President. I looks like your place in history is secure in the hearts of your daughters’.

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