This Past Sunday’s Message

Posted: January 29, 2009 in Living Stones Church, Preaching, South Bend, vision

If I had to recommend one message that answers the question, “So…what is Living Stones Church about?” this past Sunday’s message is it!  If you missed it, I would HIGHLY encourage you to hear our story and God-given vision.  If you have friends who are curious or ever ask…”What’s your church like?” (or something like that) this message would be a good resource.

We are in the middle of a four week message series.  The overall series is entitled, “Story:  A Tale of God’s Movement on the South Side.”  This week’s message is called, “An Encounter in Room #7”  It is a conversation about our transition over the past several years from an acappella Church of Christ to being the Living Stones Church.  If you were ever curious about that journey…here it is.

You can find the message here.

One other cool deal-ieo…Dana Hooton put together a page for us on iTunes!  Just go to the iTunes store, type in Living Stones Church in the search bar and we should come up (the logo is a stone background with a heart and “Living Stones” etched on it).  Click on the subscribe button and you can have all of the messages automatically downloaded to your iTunes.  I’m sure you’ll want to hear the sermons again…and again…and again.  Especially if you having trouble sleeping. 🙂  Thanks Dana!!!

Here are the pictures I showed during the message:


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