2.10.09 Biggest Loser – Bob’s Team Rebels

Posted: February 12, 2009 in Biggest Loser, The Biggest Loser

A little late…but…

Tuesday’s Biggest Loser was fairly uneventful.  Purple team scored an excellent immunity beating out the green team by holding a metal bar over their heads for over FOUR HOURS!!

Black team (Blaine & Dane – cousins) fell below the yellow line.  Instead of sending both home, the producers have decided that only one will be voted off, and the rest of the house has to decide who will go home between Blaine & Dane.

Bob, the personal trainer, as he left after the weigh in told HIS ENTIRE team, “Dane and no one else.” 

Blaine asked to be sent home.  Let’s see… Blaine vs. Bob.  Who will win?

The answer:  Blaine!  That’s right.  Bob’s team turned on him and rebelled!!

Do you know why?  Because Bob made them hike five miles to a Subway restaurant and when they entered, he promptly announced that they were actually going to a Subway two more miles away!!  Yea…I’d rebel too.  We’re talking Subway not Olive Garden!!  You can add all the vegetables you want…and a fourteen mile hike isn’t going to cut it.

So…Bob…you get what you deserve.  A fat rebellion.  Next time throw in some cheese fries!

  1. Kneip says:

    Still a Biggest Loser newbie, but Bob does seem to be all about the drama. When he was talking on camera about the brown team, he said more than once, and in a variety of ways, “MY reputation is on the line.” Of course, he’s involved, but dude, it’s not all about YOU!

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