American Idol Error

Posted: February 12, 2009 in American Idol
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They have narrowed it down to 36.  And the biggest mistake of the night:

Cutting Jamar Rogers!  What in the world could they have been thinking?!  The dude is awesome.  Plus, I love the support and friendship he gives to Danny Gokey (another one of my favorites who just lost his wife).  It’s a shame.  Can they reconsider?

Sidenote:  Every time I hear Tatiana Nicole Del Toro’s voice…I want to hurt myself.  How in the world did she make it through!?

  1. American Idol Error #2: Another Season

  2. Lori says:

    Girls like Tatiana give the rest of us girls a BAD name. I also think of self-mutilation whenever she comes on the air. I REALLY hope that America has enough sense in the brains that God gave us to NOT vot for this girl. Get her off as soon as possible. I have a feeling that the only reason the judges put her through, is they are hoping people will watch to see what she will do next. But, I have vented enough. There are plenty of GOOD singers to focus on. The blind guy is one of my early favorites. That boy can SING!!!!!!!!!

  3. pjslife says:

    We were shocked as well; we totally thought he was a shoo-in. The only theory that I could come up with that makes sense is that they were afraid that votes would be split between the two friends, not enabling them to go as far together as one could alone. I can’t think of anything else that makes sense as to why they would let him go, but it was a huge mistake.

  4. Lorinda says:

    I loved Jamar and Danny both. It would have been hard to vote for both of them. Tatiana drives all of us nuts. The girls leave the room when she comes on. It’s potty break time.

  5. Clarissa says:

    I was shocked and sickened by their cutting Jamar too. The talent they have this year is outstanding, but please Jamar and Danny I thought would make it easily to top 10. It is insane that he got cut- and maybe pjslife has a pint-still that wouldn’t be a good reason at all if that is what they did. He deserved to be there by talent alone. IS THERE A WILD CARD FOR AI??? I forget-but I am thinking they did a set up for him to be voted back on? I am PRAYING.

  6. shaun says:

    Cutting Jamar Rogers was one of the dumbest things A.Idol did

    I officially just stop watching A.Idol.
    How in the world did they leave Jamar Rogers off the final 36.
    In my opinion, he gave one of the 10 best performances.
    My girlfriend and I was shocked as hell when he didn’t get picked, WTF!!!
    He was consistent throughout from the auditions to Hollywood week.
    Its too bad he will not be the replacement sub for Joanna Pacitti,
    since she got disqualified. I guess the producers didnt
    think the ratings would be appealing for Jamar which is B.S.
    because he was one of the best this season. A. Idol what a joke.

    I wish we all who was disappointed can petition him back on the show.
    I emailed them, maybe they can reconsider, its a small step but maybe just maybe its worth it

  7. Kanesha says:

    Jamar Rogers was hands down my favorite! His voices is just so beautiful. I record the season of AI on my DVR & I literally play him and CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’ over and over! WTF Judges?

  8. im shocked says:

    jamar rogers was the only reason why i was watching american idol im shoked because american idol has made alot of mistakes but cutting jamar rogers i think they went way way to tell u the truth he was way better then norman nick watever his name is. 100 times better then norman and titi wats her face. this isnt the end its the beginning

  9. Tom says:

    I thought AI was supposed to be a singing contest. Tell me how then does NICK or who ever he is make it and one of the most original and talented voices I have heard in Jamar Rogers get cut? WTF! Come on guys, you put NICK through simply for the rating factor! He is this year’s joke with absolutely NO chance of winning. Yet you cut Jamar who has a voice I would pay to download today! Shame on you!

  10. N A says:

    I was soooooooo shocked when he was CUT. What were the judges thinking about?And to think they picked Tataina and Norman Gentle (or whatever he is called)…it goeas to show that AI is more about entertainment than PURE talent which JAMAR is…i wish him the best for the future

  11. Fanboy says:

    There’s got to be a non talent related reason.

    Don’t worry, if he is truly good we will be seeing his name on the top chart. That will be a sweet vengeance.

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