2.17.09 Biggest Loser – Helen

Posted: February 17, 2009 in Biggest Loser, The Biggest Loser
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Helen…what the crap?!?!

Hey…you’re the parent!!!  This is where you sacrifice for your child…not sacrifice your child.  Right?!  This is where you are willing to die for your kid, but your selfishness is going to step in and say, “Keep me and throw my kid off the Biggest Loser bus.”  Take Ron and Kathy as an example.  What have they been doing?  They have been pleading for their child!  What are you doing!!!!?  Are you so blind to your child’s thoughts and feelings that you can’t see she DOESN’T WANT TO GO HOME!!?

I’m stunned.  I’ve not seen this in her the entire season.  Now that it’s emerged, it is totally uncool.

Good job mom.  You are so totally selfish.  You are now on the bottom of my season seven Biggest Loser list.

Shannon…roller derby?!

Kristen huge jump up for me in regards to respect.

  1. Melissa says:

    I didn’t get to watch last night, but I’ve liked Kristen since the beginning. I think she’s a pretty cool cat. I’m going to have to see if I can watch episodes online since I’ve yet to hook up my digital converter box!!!

  2. Karen says:

    I felt the same way about Helen, I was shocked that she chose her self over her daughter, I also think that, that is not good game play for them, Shannon has more weight to lose and would have possibly remained on the show longer, Helen may be going home soon, I am not sure she can maintain the weight loss to keep her there.

  3. Tammy says:

    What I happened to notice is that when Kristen went up to be weighed her starting weight was the starting weight from last week BEFORE gaining the 2 lbs. Her starting weight this week should have been 303 NOT 301; which would mean her weight is really 291 NOT 289. Anyone notice this?

    The only reason I did notice this was I remember her talking about how “she’d get in the 200’s” last week when she gained the 2 lbs. Not sure what’s going on or if it was an honest mistake. Hmmmm.

  4. Chelsea Hurst says:

    Tammy I noticed the same thing. Something was screwy there. And yes, she lost 12 pounds and thats great, but she probably had a lot of water weight last week since she had immunity… so we can’t take that weight-loss too literal. I don’t think she actually lost 12 pounds this week. Oh well, I like her a lot.

    I just love the brown team and the support everyone is giving them. I love this season! Check my blog for my recap. http://rootsandrings.wordpress.com/

  5. Interesting…I admit I WAS surprised at the decision to send Shanon home. Shanon so obviously needed to stay on the ranch, and she was clearly second-guessing her decision at the voting.

    However, I don’t think Helen was truly acting out of selfishness. It’s been obvious all along that she adores her daughter. I think she seriously mis-read her daughter’s signals, and letting her go home was poor judgement on her part.

  6. melissa madden says:

    I hope Helen reads this because she is a loser!! WHat kind of person takes away that kind of opportunity away from her child. That is one of the most selfish acts I ever seen. To top it all off Helen is much thinner than her daughter. At first I gave her the benefit of the doubt when she sent her home the first time, but she did it again. I think she is disgusting, and every week I hope that she goes home. If I was in that situation I would force my daughter to stay!!! At one point I thought about not watching the show anymore. It makes me sick that week after week she stays on campus and wins challenges because the youthful black team carrys her. I am looking forward to Helen’s departure, and hope she realizes what kind of mistake she made. I lost all respect for her!

  7. Mel says:

    I totally agree. Helen sucks. She is the most self-centered, selfish narcissist I’ve seen on all of the seasons of Biggest Loser. First she threw her own daughter, Shannon, under the bus…. I hope the family has a therapy fund saving up for Shannon, because you know this is just one of many examples of self-serving decisions Helen has made at the sacrifice of Shannon and probably everybody else in her life. Okay, *then* she eats a freaking cookie and takes Tara down to prevent her from winning $10K. Okay, Tara won that half marathon fair and square. Why does Helen need to tear Tara down? Jealousy. Tara rocks… she’s the best athlete on the show. Everybody knows it, so Helen eats a cookie, looks in the camera, and says “5 minutes for you, Bb… *hesistation* Baby…. ” and you know she would have normally said the other “B” word if the camera wasn’t on her. Sad. Nobody else ate a cookie but her. No character… so wrong on so many levels. I can’t wait for Helen to get booted from the show, so I don’t have to see her stuff any more. I don’t wish her harm… I just can’t stand to see her toxic, selfish, self-centered behavior any more. Outside of her, I really love the show and all of the contestants. Hey Helen – Karma’s a bbb… baby.

  8. patti says:

    Finally, I’ve found pep’s who agree about Helen.
    I’ve felt for Shanon since the first time “Mommy Dearest” sent her home.Helen shwed pic’s of her THIN self just a fews years back. Shannon has never been thin. Why has not anyone on the show called Helen out on her choices? And the cookie eating trully showed where Helens heart is.
    What a selfish, self-centered, mean spirited woman. Karma needs to bite Helen back. I so agree. Her smile makes me sick.

  9. lisasmith.net says:

    I absolutely HATE helen…. she is causing me to have very bad thoughts when trying to watch the show. I can’t believe how she cheated Tara out of the $10k!!!

  10. Kate says:

    I’m so glad to see I’m not the only person who feels this way about Helen. It seems like they block all this stuff from the Biggest Loser website, but I think she needs to know how she really appears to the outside world. Shanon wouldn’t be in trouble for domestic violence if she had still been on the ranch.

  11. NCBlueyes says:

    I am so glad to see other people agree about Helen. She is awful – as a parent I could havenever stayed when my daughter was my “teammate”.. That crack to Tara REALLY showed her true colors. She is awful and I would hate to have to be around her when she gets home. Her poor daughter – she will undoubtedly do a mind job on her …….

    Tara and Kristen are “good people” – hope they bothe win (on campus and at home)!!

  12. Lisa says:

    Wow! Did you see that the daughter is still fat? I hope Helen [edited for the kids] for what she has done to her daughter!!!!

  13. Merrie says:

    I want to throw up every time Helen is on! She did the unthinkable to her daughter! The most self-centered, insincere person on TV! And I hate it when Jillian is so nice to her. Helen stinks and I hope she gains 500 pounds back!

  14. Kristie says:

    I can’t agree more! You are supposed to sacrifice for your kids….even if she “said” she wanted to leave….HELEN…who cares…. You know what’s best for your daughter no matter what she said and you totally ignored that fact and sent her home. WHY? I would never have done that to my child. The other contestants even asked her if she was sure she wanted to leave and she started crying and said she didn’t know, she guessed. Couldn’t Helen see she needed to step up and read her daughter’s signs! If all these viewer could read her daughter, you’d think her own mother could read her! I don’t think Helen deserves to win the whole thing… there is a little selfishness there for sure.

    I’m glad to see other people noticed this too.

  15. Laura says:

    I know everything’s already been said, but I want to jump on the Helen-bashing bus! My husband and I HATE HER!! She is a self-centered, dramatic troll! I am so glad that a lot of other people feel this way! Poor Shanon, she got cheated out of an opportunity of a lifetime, to change her life, which she should have a lot left.. and now she looks no different from when she started! Helen, you’re old and washed up and nobody cares about you. Even if you do get skinny you’re still old and wrinkly and saggy and unattractive! Way to deny your own daughter the rest of your life! We all know Tara’s going to win, so I can’t wait to see Helen go home empty-handed.. I will just have to put it on mute when she loses so I don’t have to hear her cry about it.

  16. elsa says:

    OMG! I knew I wasn’t the only one who felt this way about Helen. I would never send my baby home. First comes my childrens health before mine. Not to mention Shannon is so young Im sure she wants to feel better about herself. Aw I feel so bad for shannon, just imagine how she must feel inside knowing that her mother cares more about her own self than her daughter. I do not want her to win. Every time I hear talk about the weight loss, I can’t help to think of Shannon on how shes doing. I am an irate mother.

  17. Mary says:

    Oh, thank goodness, I finally found a forum where I could vent against Helen and know that others agree! For some reason, she’s been on my burner all day. I look at my own daughter, and I can’t imagine putting my own interests above what is best for her…ever!
    Helen is so phoney and selfish. I can’t stand seeing her oh so rehearsed-in-the-mirror statements of amazement at how far she’s come. “I did it!” I made it!” I can’t believe I…” That’s that’s all we hear from her, I, I, I, I….! What about her child? Ron may not be my favorite player, but at least he’s loyal to his son and thinking like a PARENT.
    Helen has acted like a self-centered only child from the getgo. I guarantee you that poor Shannon will put all her weight back on because of depression. I mean, how can she feel good about herself when even her own mom didn’t think she was worth keeping on the ranch? It was obvious she wanted to stay on campus, and you could almost feel her pleading for her mom to fight for her. After weeks of watching Ron fight for his son, Shannon has to stand there and watch her own mom step on top and over her to get herself ahead. What a horrible feeling that must have been for her! My heart just sank. So, so sad.
    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who was angered by Helen’s actions. She impresses me as nothing more than a shallow, inwardly focused actress playing a role so she can find fame for herself. I hope someday she’ll realize that, and ask her daughter to forgive her.
    Ugh, I just can’t believe I have to watch her in the final three! )o:

  18. Maude says:

    Helen is the worst person to ever grace the biggest loser stage. She does not love her own child? The worst episode to endure was makeover week. I bet shannon has done a lot of crying.

    My advice to Shannon would be to get far away from your mother. She is not good for you. She is a sick person who only thinks about her own feelings. She is your mother so you feel for her but belive me you will be better of getting far away from her because she is tearing you down to feel good about her self.

    So glad to know that I am not alone when it comes to disliking Helen.

  19. Mary says:

    I was watching biggest loser finale and trying to find about the new girls on line and I realized Helen’s is the only picture in color. I makes me sick to think that such a selfish horrible person could win. I looked at the pictures, Tara and Mike look much healthier. I am ashamed that such an evil person can win. I wish someone would have voted the witch off!!! Tara, Mike and Ron way to go!!

  20. diane says:

    ok, so helen looks anorexic to me – that’s the first thing i noticed about her on the finale – she doesn’t look healthy at that weight – she won, but i think she has paid a big price for that victory – she annoyed me throughout the show, but there is usually at least one person on each season who annoys me, so i just tolerate, but i was disappointed that she won

  21. scott says:

    OK, it is over. Helen did not throw Shanon under the bus. It wa all editting. Helen knows that she needs to gain weight but you do not put 78 months out of your life into something and not try to win it. I really wish that all of you will give Helen a break now that Shanon admitted that it was the right choice. Shanon did not want to be there. EDITING……. Helen has never been a witch or a back stabber. Mary, what was so EVIL, about this whole season may have been you. I AM PROUD THAT HELEN WON…. US OLDER WOMAN HAVE SOMEONE TO LOOK UP TOO… LOVE YOU ….. HELEN

  22. scott says:


  23. Orvette says:

    I am sick that Helen clawed her way to a win by doing whatever she must have done to drop 20% of her body weight between the last weighin and the finale. She looked great when she left the ranch, and while I hated her narcissistic behavior, you couldn’t deny that she worked hard. This went beyond hard work. She looked gaunt and sick. If she used pills or herbs to fry her metabolism I just hope she gets busted for it. Big B Queen of the Universe.

  24. Jeff says:

    Helen appears to have never matured beyond the teenage mind-set that she’s starring in her own movie and we all want to watch, as is very obvious to anyone watching The Biggest Loser this season. Narcissistic and self-absorbed, Helen almost flaunts these traits week after week for all to see; it’s easy to see why so many negative comments have been posted about her. She is a spectacular failure as a parent, and I suspect her daughter is used to being second or even pushed aside. It is for that reason that I dislike her; yes, I think she’s an ego-maniac who will use her weight loss and television exposure to get the much-needed attention she so desperately and obviously craves, but as a mother, she truly is “the biggest loser”.
    Here’s another thing that bothers me, petty though it may be: many of the contestants on the show are – let’s face it – lazy, plain and simple, thus contributing to their obesity. Fair enough. Helen seems to come from money; personal trainers at home? If you don’t know, personal trainers are NOT cheap. Again, if Helen can afford it, as seems to be the case, good, however; despite having the means, her laziness got the better of her until The Biggest Loser gave her the booster shot she needed to get motivated. WHY IS HER DAUGHTER STILL SO FAT? Have you read Helen’s bio on TBL site? “Helen would do anything to help her daughter, especially because she feels she did not provide enough for Shanon when she was growing up.” Are you kidding? She still isn’t! Spend some of that money on transforming your daughter. Narcissistic and self-absorbed, Helen is truly, “the biggest loser”.
    Note to ‘scott’ or whoever you are: What was your rambling comment about? Perhaps if you were a little more coherent I could’ve framed a more appropriate response to what seemed like your pro-Helen stance, although I gather you’re really fascinated by the concept of ‘editing’. And why does Helen need to gain weight? Oh, and on a personal note, lay off the caps. It doesn’t emphasize your point as much as, say, a well-written comment would.

  25. Ginger says:

    Ugh – It was disgusting to see it won by a mother who sacrificed her daughter! Helen looked SICK, anorexic, bulemic, whatever. She may have been the skinniest, but she did not look the healthiest.
    Shanon is happy for her mother (children & puppies get kicked and keep coming back for love) but SHE needed to be on the Ranch. She may not have won it like Mommy Dearest did, but she would’ve learned what she needed to improve the rest of her life.
    Shame on Helen. She’s the biggest loser in many ways.

  26. Mary A. says:

    Ok, Jeff, while I agree with your thoughts on the show, get over yourself. Just because Scott chooses to express his strong thoughts in capital letters, that doesn’t make him less of an articulator, nor does not using them make you Shakespear. Don’t be the ‘Helen’ of op-ed pieces. Scott, you’re fine the way you are!
    Having said that, I was very disappointed that Helen won. I watched her on the TODAY SHOW this morning, and she was asked about the controversy over sending Shannon home. She said, “Shannon wanted to home. She said,’Mom, I know you can do it.'” “That Shannon is a stubborn girl!” You could almost tell she knew she was full of baloney.
    OK, do any of you believe that’s the way it went down? Maybe, with half-hearted effort, Shannon told her mother what she wanted to hear, but it was obvious when they made the announcement and at the voting table that she didn’t want to go. I could feel her wanting her mom to fight for her that way Ron fought for his son. But, of course, Helen was happy to convince herself that Shannon really wanted her to stay. Shannon acted like the parent. Do you think if Ron’s son would have said, “I think you should stay, Dad,” that Ron would have had any of that? Of course not. And neither should Helen have.
    But Helen is in her own little world. And for those who think Helen is a role model because of her age, I can tell you that I’m the same age as Helen, and I don’t see her as a role model. She may have lost a lot of weight, but she set a terrible example for young, inexperienced moms. When you become a mother, it’s not just about you anymore. It’s about your children, and focusing on what is best for them; for their future.
    Yep, Helen is a real piece of work. Watch out on the highways, folks, because Helen is going to be a danger on the road. It’s hard to drive when you’re starring in the vanity mirror!

  27. Jeff says:

    Well written, Mary; well written, indeed. I would like to say, however, in response to your critique, that perhaps ‘scott’ should make “her” opinions known on her own behalf. If she – or anyone – is going to “put it out there” at least make it understandable. Spell-check doesn’t hurt, either.

    And come on: All-caps is just juvenile.

  28. Mary A. says:

    Ok Jeff, truce! 😀
    We can disagree on the need for perfection on online message boards, but at least we agree that Helen is the biggest loser–in a parental sense!

    So…what do you think about making those poor girls workout for a spot on next season’s show? Anything for ratings, huh?!

  29. Natasha says:

    The season finale was a huge let down. I was annoyed Helen won because she seemed selfish throughout the season and not to mention she looked unhealthy at the finale. From the moment she manipulated her daughter into agreeing to go home I found her extremely unworthy of being on the show. At that point in the show Helen had already lost a tremendous amount of weight, so she should have asked the group to keep her daughter.

  30. jeannie verzi says:

    The finale’s ending still sickens me….i thought helen looked HORRIBLE!!!!! WAY TO SKINNY and washed out….I think she started taking diuretics and weight loss pills to help her out once she got home…and jerry??? way to skinny and corpse like now…he’s only 64 but he looks 94! Tara and mike looked so healthy! I think the higher ups on loser should change the rules for next season so the winner at least looks healthy and not “dead”…117 lbs…YUK!!!!!!!!!!! sends a bad message about the show

  31. maddie says:

    You are such a phony! The week you lost the most is when you dumped your
    daughter. Instead of going to Italy and
    buying shoes give the prize to your daughter. You sold her out with your manipulated self importance. You are not someone any mother can respect or consider a winner. It’s all about you isn’t it? Pobably always has been. You can turn on those phony tears at the drop of a hat and manipulate people and try to come off as a little girl… poor you. Get real and get a reality check. Everyone sees you for what you are and maybe you lost so much weight due to your guilt. The only thing I see for you is a nose job.

  32. Lisa says:

    I think Helen was on drugs in order to lose the amount of weight she lost while at home for the last 30 days or however long. After throwing her own daughter under the bus, I’m sure she did “whatever” was necessary to win. In the show, it was apparent that she was not dong well at home. Gaining weight, etc., then the way Jillian was encouraging Tara and Mike to “slow down” and even drink alcohol, all rigged….!!!

    Mike and Tara were robbed. A friend of mine said that maybe they will disqualify Helen for/if she took drugs to lose weight during the competition. I sure hope so. If not, I don’t know if I can waste my time/energy watching this show another season. Because of Helen/bitch, I may boycott the show from now on…

  33. Sue says:

    So glad to have found this forum of all Helen bashers….my daughter and I were dumbfounded when she sent Shannon home, and we basically lost all respect for her and felt the same way everyone here did. I could not BELIEVE the way she looked at the finale…..her arms were so unhealthy looking – the skin was just hanging off – while Tara looked so good and healthy. Then there was her face/neck…..man, I don’t know what she did to lose that much weight – but it was not a healthy way (which I wouldn’t think would be endorsed by the show!)…..what some people will do for money! I think she was just mad that Tara won all the challenges and she couldn’t, so she decided whatever it took, she would win the finale. If she did take drugs or starve herself….it will probably come back on in a big way. I hope Shannon can get herself healthy, she was so sweet. Did anyone else notice that phoney baloney smile on Helens face – made me want to scream I think she looked like she was going to pass out…….I am really soooooooo disappointed Tara did not win…she deserved it! I am 48 and my role model was Tara and beleive it or not Dan. When he said he climbed up and down that mountain at the ranch…..that stuck in my head during my workouts when things got hard…made me push on. For someone at his weight to be that determined…it is just AWESOME. I hope he can lose the rest of his weight…and we hit fast forward for the 2 people for next season…who cares?! I think they just wanted something to fill the time….haha

  34. Bridget says:

    Of course let me jump on the anti Helen bandwagon too. BTW she does look too skinny. But why is everyone pro Ron? He stood up for his son but lied to the rest of the world. Including his trainer. I think he is nothing but a 6 breasted SNAKE

  35. Val says:

    This is not the only forum with Helen bashers! It is all over this internet. Everyone hates Helen for obvious reasons. Even if you put the “bad mother” aside, she ended up being way too skinny and doing anything, including being unhealthy to win. This sends a horrible message:

    Helen sucks! What kind of a mother would vote her own daughter off and plead to stay. Her maternal gene is missing. If it was between me and my daughter, there is no question I would do anything for my daughter. We don’t need to personally know Helen to know what kind of person she is! Once she did that to her daughter, you knew exactly what kind of person she is!! Helen is very selfish and evil. It is all about her and no one else. She would do anything to win, including going underweight, probably taking drugs, laxatives, starving, whatever it took! Biggest Loser is about changing your lifestyle to be healthy! Not going anorexic just to win money! Helen looked horrible with one foot in the grave. Definitely not the picture of health. Now, Tara looked beautiful. She is the picture of health. Mike or Tara should have won because they lost more weight and did not do drugs or whatever evil Helen did to lose and they looked healthy.

    Mike was in second place which was a shocker because I really thought Tara would have it. So MIKE – if you are out there, I wish you would have voted off that evil Helen and you would be taking home what you rightfully deserve! Also, did they say Helen was 48?? She looked about 63! That is what happens when you lose weight the wrong, unhealthy way! I hope she does something constructive with the money because she doesn’t deserve it. And anything with Helen’s face on it, I will never buy!

  36. Mary A. says:

    Bridgette, I didn’t find Ron to be a completely upright guy, either. He flipped out at Sione and Phillipe when they tried to vote him off, but didn’t he say to the other players, “it’s time for Sione to go” just a couple of weeks prior??
    I’m not sure that everyone is “pro-Ron” in a gameplay sense, but in a parental sense. It’s just that he (and Kathy) dempstrated parental loyalty to their children, unlike selfish Helen.

    But, in fairness to Helen and Jerry, I have to say to all those who say Helen and Jerry looked too skinny and old: Let’s face it; when you’ve packed on lots of pounds when you are older, your skin gets stretched out, and just doesn’t go back the way it used to. Of course Tara and Mike looked healthier! They’re much much younger and still have youthful elasticity in their skin! When you get old, you lose that. That’s why older people often look better when they have a few extra pounds on. Does it make them healthier? Probably not, but it makes them look younger. I have a few extra pounds on at 47, but I look waaaay younger than my 48-year-old sister who is thin. Still, she’s probably healthier than me!

    That said, I still stand can’t stomach Helen and I think poor Shannon will aways feel somehow unworthy as a daughter to her mother. I’m sure she’ll hide her pain behind that sweet smile, though, and it’ll probably show up in weight gain. Shame on you, Helen. Shame, shame, shame!

  37. Neil says:

    I was neither a Helen lover or hater during the season, but I was shocked to see her win the finale.

    I live in Studio City, CA, and last night I saw her and her son shopping at the grocery store. She seemed to be very snippy, an unhappy person, and in their shopping cart was a case of Tecate Beer and a big bag of tortilla chips and cheese dip. Not sure if she was shopping for a party or for herself, but one would think after devoting nearly a year to losing weight, the heealthy lifestyle would kick in…. And just 2 days after the finale, she’s shopping for crap to eat.

  38. Pat says:

    My sister and cousin watched this show each week. We were ALL appalled at Helen’s decision to send her daughter home. I just watched Helen on ELLEN, and not ONE time did she mention her daughter. It was all about ME ME ME. “I was dancing backstage and my husband said ‘Let’s close the door’ ….Oh I feel SO fantastic. I feel like a 20 year old”. Even when Ellen put up a picture of her and Shannon…..no mention of her daughter at all.

    She definitely looked eerily thin, and the only thing that stuck out was her NOSE.

    Oh, and as far as Ron lying to his trainer, what was he supposed to do, when Bob asked him if he was sticking up for his son RIGHT IN FRONT of Filipe, his only remaining teammate. What would YOU have done?

    I have never missed a single episode of Biggest Loser since it started, however many seasons ago. Helen makes me want to miss all the rest. Thank goodness for people like Ron, that are truly sincere in their wishes for the best for their family.


  39. Brudget says:

    I agree that Ron was PLAYING the game to it’s fullest, I just don’t like him though…but on the other hand Helen….I don’t like her either…lol, but she went at all costs for HER to win the game. Maybe she’ll take some of that “earned” money and help her daughter lose weight…one can only hope

  40. Megan says:

    30 lbs. in 30 days when you have already lost 100 lbs. is just far too much. Helen is 46 and her daughter is 29, so that means she had Shanon when she was a teenager (not that there’s anything wrong with that) – but I get the feeling that Shannon has taken place to Helen her whole life. Kathy and Ron were all about their kids and getting THEM healthy because they know they contributed to their unhealthy habits.

    I agree, it’s disgusting the way Helen NEVER mentions Shannon. Even after Shannon went home, you would *think* that she would say she missed her or was hoping that she was still exercising and losing weight. And after the win on Ellen, it was ALL about her. Although I guess Helen’s P.R. people will be reading all these comments and next week in People there will be a side-by-side interview and Helen will be saying how NOW she is going to help her daughter.

    Umm…when you were working out and losing that 30 lbs, why didn’t you have Shannon work out with you? Or after she won when asked what she was going to do with the money – it was all about her going on a trip with her husband. Why not use some money and get Shannon a personal trainer and a Nutritionist and help HER lose some weight? I mean, you basically threw your daughter under the bus, isn’t it time YOU support HER? You know, how she supported you in becoming TBL?

    ITA with the comment that as a Mom, she is really shining as the biggest loser. I guess we’ll see her and Omerosa in the next Celebrity Apprentice or some crap like that.

  41. Megan says:

    ETA: I meant “taking a backseat place to Helen her whole life”

  42. Treatpplnicely says:

    I watched every episode this season, and Helen did NOT “send” her daughter home, nor “sacrifice” her. Shannon chose to go home, wanted to go home, and Helen tried to persuade her to stay. Shannon is an adult. Enough with all the nastiness – why shouldn’t Helen be happy about what she’s accomplished? And further more, why can other people be happy for someone else when they’ve achieved something they’ve longed for and worked hard for, and I’m not talking about the money. I’m talking about getting her life back.

  43. billee says:

    Helen’s daughter deserved to go home. She was uninspired and undriven. Helen, obviously was the opposite.

    Rock on Helen! Nice job. You deserved this victory.
    Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!

  44. tony says:

    To all you Helen haters, Shanon wanted to go home. If you would haved watched the show in detail you would have picked up the message Shanon was sending. It was a team decision for Shanon to go home. Everyone needs to go to NBC.com Biggest Loser week 19 & watch Shanon’s clip where she states that Shanon & Helen knew what they were doing. After watching this clip maybe your hate can ease a little. I for one am very proud of you Helen….Way to go girl!!!!!!!!!

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