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Allison Sweeney is off the ranch having a baby girl.  Michelle & Allie, previous two season winners, took over hosting.  I missed Allison.  She did return for final weigh in.

Nicole made it back on the ranch (boring surprise to me).  She looked good.  She had immunity at weigh in as long as she didn’t gain any weight.  SHE GAINED 5 POUNDS!!  Wow.  Felt sorry for her.  Bob attributes it to stress.

Sione has a one pound advantage because he won the boring stand on ropes with a board and balance yourself challenge.

Ron has a bleeding ulcer.  Went to hospital.

Laura gained a pound.  Tara is a polarizing figure (I really like her…it has been interesting the number of people who feel the exact opposite).  Kelly thinks it has to do with their experience in High School (interesting theory she has).  Mike lost 11 pounds (wow…go week 13).  Ron gained 3 pounds.

Nicole & Ron below yellow line.

Only drama was between Ron and Felipe (blue team turning on brown).  For the record, if you say, “You’ll be fine,” I’d assume you meant you weren’t going to vote for me too.

Nicole going home.

Zero sum game.  Nicole came back…and left.  The attempted shake up was short lived.

This is a boring post…it was a boring show.

[Kelly wants Cheetos in her Biggest Loser display case if she were on the show…cheese fries would be in mine]

Oh my goodness.  What took me so long?!  Seriously.  For months my computer has been slow, it freezes, I can’t close tabs, I’m stuck in webland, I have to keep shutting down my computer, blah, blah, blah.  This whole time I’ve been blaming my laptop!  I was so desperate I started to consider getting a Mac (I know…that’s how insane I was :-).  Ed Koczan updated the Living Stones Church website (you should see it) and my Internet Explorer was messing it up.  He said something about Firefox, so I checked into it and decided to switch!  WAY BETTER!!!   Look how fast everything is!  Nothing is freezing!  The look of these pages are even WAY BETTER!!  Wow!!  Good-bye Internet Explorer!!!

I just can’t tell you how unbelievable it looks!  Really…it just all came together yesterday and looks absolutely amazing.  You HAVE to get to Living Stones Church this morning and bring your children.  They will have a blast.  Rumor has it there is even a parade this morning. Kids Kanyon is HERE!!!!

I knew there was a reason for my resolution:

I’ve been at this church now for over 12 years.  In that time I’m not sure I have ever seen as much work, done by so many people, done with such intensity, done with such commitment, and done with such generosity.  There are volunteers here who I think have lived in this building for weeks.

It is amazing.

A good part of this church deserves a paid week’s vacation for this.  Seriously.

I’m truly speechless (and that doesn’t happen often).  I’m grateful

I’m excited for things to be completed and some well-deserved individuals to receive thanks and rest.

I’m also amazed at how many “night-owls” we have around here.  What is up with that?

Erskine Village News

Posted: March 27, 2009 in South Bend

According to Heidi Prescott’s MarketBasket column in the South Bend Tribune…the Erskine Village is getting a new tenant…


Isn’t there one in Broadmore shopping center?  Yes!  But they are going to move to Erskine Village.  Just what we all had in mind and were dreaming of!!  Yea…South-side!!!  Dollar TREE!!!!!  Any thoughts?

I wonder how much a thing of toothpaste is?

Can You Lip Sync a Sermon?

Posted: March 26, 2009 in Uncategorized

Source:  MMI blog

oops.  caught 🙂