3.10.09 Biggest Loser

Posted: March 11, 2009 in Biggest Loser, The Biggest Loser

Excellent show!  LOTS OF DRAMA.  So, let me get right into my opinionated self!!!


Black Team:  Congratulations on winning the final weigh in.  But there is no glory in it.  You didn’t deserve it.  It just happened due to a fluke in Mandi’s weigh in (she gained 2 pounds…isn’t the scale crazy?  who knows?)

Drunk Gluttons:  They didn’t paint you in the best of lights last night.  Very cocky going into the challenge, weigh-in, and luxury reward.  While at the luxury reward you clearly got carried away.  Not angry.  Everyone has moments where they fall off the dieting wagon.  We just don’t get it aired on national TV.  Get back on the wagon.

Blue Team:  You are going to lose every challenge here on out.  I hate to say that.  But you have made terrible decisions in regards to voting off your teammates.  You have eliminated the strongest (hello…Dane!!), kept the weakest, and insured that you will lose perpetually.

Ron:  I like you.  You are a good dad.  But the blue team needed to send you home last night.  You are playing injured.  You lose barely any weight.  You are the reason why the blue team keeps losing.  I get you want to stay (and again…I like you), but you are quick to name who goes home next and it is always in your favor but to the detriment of the blue team. 

Christin & Kathy:  You guys are awesome contestants.  You just don’t know how to make elimination decisions (although I appreciate your loyalty).

Mandi:  You get the gold star of the night.  What you did was right.  That couldn’t have been easy.  It was entirely sacrificial, but in the best interest, not only of Aubrey, but the rest of your team by not allowing Black Team to decide your fates.  You looked good in the “after”  pictures.  Good job.

Helen:  Did you see what Mandi did?!!!  That is what YOU were supposed to do when it came to YOUR OWN DAUGHTER!!!  I’m still bothered by watching you eat, drink, smoke, and celebrate being on the show when I know you sent your own daughter home.

Filipe:  I have always liked you and Sione.  You were a little over the top in your response to Jillian.  I know she neglected you that day in the gym, but you are creating great conflict on your team that won’t end well.  And your poor weight loss is not “your trainer getting to you” it is you having too much fun at the luxury reward.

Bob:  I think you sort of enjoyed having Filipe and Sione cross sides (I saw a little smirk).  Bad move to allow it.  Send them back and make them work this out with their trainer. 

Jillian:  You are clearly a gifted trainer.  You produce winners.  You may have gone slightly over board in your condemnation of your team.  There is a point that you can’t come back from.  I hope you didn’t reach it with Filipe and Sione.

Biggest Loser Producers & Editors:  Good show!  Man I love it.

  1. Karen says:

    Great show last night, really kept my interest. Ron needs to go, the man is really getting on my nerves dictating each time of who needs to be sent home. I am tired of it. Sione and Filipe are big over grown babies. I can understand getting up set for not getting attention from Jillian, but seriously, that is how you act. GROW UP. And to blame Jillian for your failure, tacky, tacky, tacky. Tara, game play or over indulging? I felt bad for Mandy, I was screaming at the tv, no, Mandy, Aubrey and Laura turn the vote and send Ron home. Which I am sure that because of Mike they would not do that. But hey, game play people, you have to use it in situations like this.
    Has any one heard that they are seeking a new trainer for the next BBL, that is what I heard?

  2. Tina D. says:

    Sam, I agree with you 100%

  3. Dana says:

    Matt said the same thing last night about how Bob should have sent Filipe and Sione back to Jillian to figure things out. Remember, she’s tough as nails but is extremely emotional and has a soft heart. I have a feeling the next show will reveal some of that and the two/three of them will form a bond. (I love Jillian or I wouldn’t have named my daughter after her! That’s right.)

    And I didn’t see Mandi’s vote coming, but she gained respect points from me for that tough decision. The first thing I remembered was when her family came to visit her on campus and she sacrificed her workout time against Jillian’s advice to be with them instead. Could be tough for her at home, but she looked good in the after shots.

  4. Chelsea Hurst says:

    Worst episode I’ve ever seen. But Sam, great post. I was out of town last week (cruisin’ around Mexico!) so I just watched it last night. I’ll do my post soon.

    My prediction? This is Jillian’s last season.

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