Up and Coming Opportunities

Posted: March 13, 2009 in Children's Ministry, Living Stones Church, vision

Hey Living Stoners

A few things to make you aware of, or remind you of, that is coming up…

1.  We are nearing the end of remodeling efforts for our new children’s wing.  I know it has been months in the making, but the “light of this tunnel is approaching quickly.”  We need one more surge of energy to wrap up the final details of the children’s wing.  There are two Saturday Work Days scheduled…this Saturday (March 14th) @ 9:00 a.m and next Saturday (March 21st) @ 9:00 a.m.  In the words of Jennae Gee, “We really need a good turnout to reach our goal.”  Let’s help our children’s ministry complete what they started in regards to a brand-new AWESOME space for our kids.

2.  Growth Group sign-ups start on Sunday.  We have a great list of groups with a great mix of leaders, formats, topics, meeting locations, and day/times.  I’m very excited.  If you don’t want to wait until Sunday, or you prefer signing up online you can do so here.  Sign-ups end at the end of the month, and the groups begin the first week of April!!

3.  MARCH 29th – LAUNCHING KIDS KANYON!!!  For months the children’s ministry has been at work to oversee a BRAND NEW deal-io for our children’s ministry.  We have 1) brand new name; 2) brand new space; 3) brand new curriculum (252 Basics…it is sweeeeeeet); 4) brand new ministry philosophy; 5) brand new LIVE worship and praise; 5) brand new procedures, etc. 

Parents…your kids are going to come home from church jazzed for Jesus every week!!  It all begins MARCH 29TH.  I can’t wait for you to see KIDS KANYON!!!!

Right now my “EXCITEMENT” barometer at LSC is a just rising!!  Did I mention Easter is April 12?!  Oh man…


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