Reflecting on a Morning at Living Stones Church

Posted: March 15, 2009 in Living Stones Church, vision, worship

Just a few thoughts from the morning:

  • Had a record attendance (by about 50 people) this morning at Living Stones Church!
  • Matt Hooton started some rocking live worship with the children this morning.  Everything I’ve heard has been outstanding. (If you have pictures…post it at our Facebook page “Living Stones Church.”
  • Record number of children in the children’s ministry this morning.  Feels like we have oodles of kids.  Good part of children’s ministry is headed to Willow Creek Community Church’s children’s ministry conference this week!
  • Lots of 1st time guests.
  • This morning in the South Bend Tribune they had an article about church’s that are hurting in the economy (by the way, Paul Ashenfelter that they quoted grew up in this church).  Pastors and churches all over are talking about the effects of the economy on their budgets.  You can read the article here.  I hear this conversation often as I’m with other pastors.  For some it is pretty bleak.  I am pleased to say that thus far in 2009 we have received $7500 more than we had originally budgeted (we increased our 2009 budget slightly from 2008)!  That is phenomenal!!
  • I really do appreciate the generosity of this church!!  I can’t tell you how excited I am to share about your faithfulness (I try to do so in a non-arrogant “na-na-na-na-na” sort of way)
  • As a sidenote – we have also had unexpected budgetary expenses in 2009 as well ($2300 for snow plowing in the month of February alone!!!  We didn’t even have that budgeted for the whole year!!).
  • I preached too long (again).  My sister who was teaching the kids cussed me out over it 🙂  (that’s a joke).
  • Worship band sounded awesome…Mark Osterhout brings it with Fields of Grace
  • Loved Jim Ruth’s communion comments.
  • Watched a promo video for our KidsKanyon launch on March 29th (very excited about that).  The wing is really starting to take shape…the end is in sight!!
  • The weather is beautiful!!
  • I just feel a little giddy (but not like a school girl…in a much more masculine sort of way) about the stories of life transformation, change, and movement towards God that I’m hearing. 

My excitement barometer at LSC is really growing right now.  Super excited about the months ahead.  Especially Easter on April 12th.

  1. katrina says:

    i posted some pics from both services on there is a link on my facebook

  2. Lorinda says:

    I to love all the changes at the church. I see so many great things happening and feel truely blessed to be a part of it. I looked around at the 1st service and was shocked at not only how many people I didn’t know but how crowded it was. Just think about all those kids being with us if we still had them with us at the beginning.

  3. JR says:

    And, all of this on my very first Sunday… Eric walked me back to the new children’s wing. Big changes from the last time I’d seen it for Cafe stuff. Lookin’ good. Love the smell of paint.

  4. Ed says:

    I have to tell you, in my whopping three months of experience, this past Sunday was by far, without a doubt, the best, meaningful, connected experience I have felt and seen there. Every Sunday at LSC has been awesome and full of energy, but I commented to Jenn (with our guest- woot!) that there were a LOT of new faces and very full.

    Everything you mentioned here is true. the fact it went long was WELL worth it for the power of the message.

    I am however surprised that you didn’t blame Kelly for going over time wise with her announcements- you could have used that to deflect the time issue 😛

  5. sister says:

    Please…I just gave you a warning. Next time though….I am going to make you realize how fifteen extra minutes with 22 3’s and 4’s feel with my fist!!! I went to the first service though, and it really was a great service. I am just loving my wonderful church!! I am just so happy that I can be such a bright and vibrant reason our church rocks!!

  6. Barney says:

    I am grateful for a leadership that has the vision to make Children’s Ministry a a priority at Living Stones Church. I am grateful that the leaders see the importance of energy in worship music.
    I am grateful for a preacher who preaches too long and has so many good things to say!
    I am grateful…..

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