Children’s Wing Workappaloosa

Posted: March 20, 2009 in Children's Ministry, Living Stones Church, vision

"Rock Star" Room Closet Doors! (thanks Dana Hooton)

I don’t know if you have heard…but tomorrow’s weather forecast is looking miserable!!!  I’m so sick of this winter stuff.

I heard that tomorrow they are expecting 9 inches of snow and wind chill temperatures dipping below zero!!!  It would be a miserable day to work and be outside.

In fact, it is so bad the only real good place to be is inside a church building helping the work of God (note the spiritual manipulation going on here) to complete the children’s wing!!

I know these announcements can end up being just “noise” if made too often.  And we have made many…often!

BUT – THIS IS THE LAST WORK DAY TO COMPLETE OUR CHILDREN’S WING so we can prepare for our big launch of Kids Kanyon on MARCH 29TH!!!

Tomorrow morning…Living Stones Church…9:00 a.m….be there (if you love Jesus…again…note the spiritual manipulation).

Speaking of spiritual manipulation, do you remember that Old Testament story about David who refused to work on his own house while the house of God was still…

  1. alex says:

    Those look so good. It’s good thing I came by on Wednesday to help.

  2. The Bishop says:

    And if the spritual manipulation were not enough, consider this: The first 150 that show up with receive a free blog autograph from Sam. Whew, who could pass that up?

  3. Jennifer G. says:

    I love how you flat out lie to and manipulate your congregation. Just one of the many things we love about ya!

  4. Dana says:

    Thanks for the props on the doors. They can pass as finished, but they aren’t. Gotta add lots more layers and lettering. I hope to see everyone at church tomorrow! Very exciting time for our kiddos!

  5. Lori says:

    I will have to come by and see the new wing when it is finished. It sounds like it is going to be great!!!!!! BTW…Kudos on the spiritual manipulation. Wish more pastors would learn to use that correctly.

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