Erskine Village News

Posted: March 27, 2009 in South Bend

According to Heidi Prescott’s MarketBasket column in the South Bend Tribune…the Erskine Village is getting a new tenant…


Isn’t there one in Broadmore shopping center?  Yes!  But they are going to move to Erskine Village.  Just what we all had in mind and were dreaming of!!  Yea…South-side!!!  Dollar TREE!!!!!  Any thoughts?

I wonder how much a thing of toothpaste is?

  1. eako2107 says:

    This is a sure sign of the failure of this plan of EV’s “lifestyle center”. Kite and the city are so focused on ND and Eddy Commons it is apparent that EV has been forgotten about.

    From Trib archives: “Erskine Village will consist of a traditional power center — similar to Mishawaka’s Princess City Plaza and University Crossings — near the back of the property, and a cluster of eight smaller buildings near Ireland Road.

    Paved walkways, shaded rest areas, trees, shrubs and flowers will place the buildings in a park-like setting, Kite said, illustrating his words with colorful architectural designs.”

    Where’s the park like setting? Shade?

    and also “South Bend will capture sales tax generated by the new project to fund the public improvements. Only a few other cities in the state are using this as a source for funds as an alternative to property tax revenue, Mayor Stephen J. Luecke said.”

    Good job capturing sales tax from all the merchants. One dollar store buck at a time, I guess.

    I put blame equally on the city and the developer for not aggressively trying to land retailers in good economic times, let alone now.

  2. Kneip says:

    I’ve said it to many people, and I’ll say it again. I think that a large, warehouse-style sporting goods store could make a killing in Erskine Village. There’s a store down south called Academy — they do camping, fishing, sporting goods, apparel… right now, if you live on the west side, the south side, or in any of the communities south of us, your only options are a mom-and-pop (which I do support), Wal-Mart, driving all the way to Dick’s, or shopping online.

    Big-time revenue potential, enough medium-dollar items (e.g., golf clubs) to make some good sales tax… someone’s missing an opportunity here.

  3. getalife says:

    Isn’t a mall deserving of savings for people who are hurting at this time? I notice at Broadmoor it is a very busy place. Not all people who shop at Dollar Tree are homeless, out of work.

    Better than empty buildings.

    Malls are for all.


  4. Dana says:

    The selections we have now are so limited unless you are a female, are building something, have pets, need groceries, need glasses or have coffee cravings. I can get by with what currently exists on the south side, but additional resources would be nice. Anything to eliminate driving out to the Grape Road area, and not that it’s a bad place, there’s no direct easy route to get there. Yet. And it’s a bit congested. I’m all for new ideas for the south side.

  5. The Bishop says:

    The Erskine Village Stimulus Bailout Bill is currently in Speaker Pelosi’s office holding ticket # 1,546,321,444. All in good time. Economic salvation is just 2.75 lifetimes away.

  6. Ed says:

    Even worse is that a store like this moving across the street is considered big ‘landing a tenant’ news. On the other hand if you had 14 retail openings to fill, I suppose it would be news.

    I agree with Kneip totally. A good focus there would be to slot in filling the gaps. EV won’t ever be a heritage Square or a Clay Terrace (Carmel). Which is what an outdoor “village” center should be- and what EV SHOULD have been.

  7. Michelle says:

    David, The academy is awesome and would do awesome here. They arent as expensive as dicks though you can find awesome deals.

  8. latenitemike says:

    I’m still up for the Living stones Community and worship center…. and coffee house….

    just need god and a couple millions….

  9. Jim Ruth says:

    I really think if we put an effort of prayer behind our needs, God will come through for us on the south side. He cares about every part of our lives. Jobs and shopping fill many needs. If it’s sporting goods you want then sporting goods is what we’ll pray for. Keep adding and we’ll keep praying. Nothing is too big or too small for God to care.

  10. Lindsey says:

    Hey, isn’t the Dollar Tree where all the cool kids are hanging out? Cuz we know that dollar stores attract a lot of retail value.

    Bookstore, craft and hobby store and fewer chain restuarants. Get something unique! Someday, I will open my boutique in EV. It will be my contribution to the south side now that we’re moving back to Mishawaka.

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