Living Stone Reminders!!

Posted: April 10, 2009 in Living Stones Church, vision, worship

Dear Living Stoners!!

VERY EXCITED about this weekend.  We celebrate Easter together with a new series kicking off entitled, “Viva la Vida!”  Sunday we talk about “New Life.”  10k postcards have been delivered…preparations around here have been made…I think we are set to celebrate THE pinnacle of our faith!!!

A couple of reminders:

1.  This Sunday we will still be collecting clothes for the students at Monroe Primary Center.  I have been so appreciative of what everyone has brought in!!  Thank you thank you thank you!!  What an amazing thing you are doing.  I can’ t wait to drop the clothes off at Monroe (which is actually meeting in the old Studebaker school building while Monroe is being remodeled).

2.  Hospitality Guidelines. When you invite guests into your home, you extend to them the greatest of hospitality…you want them to be received well and to know that you are glad they are there…and they mean a lot to you.  You give them the best place to park in the driveway, you give them the best seat in your house, you insure that they are comfortable in regards to temperature, etc.  These same hospitality rules apply for us as well.  We have invited 10,000 homes to be our guest.  Give them the best parking places, seats, and insure that they get a donut and coffee before you!!

3.  Child Check in.  It takes time to check in children.  Especially if they are here for the first time.  You have to gather information, insure their security, ask about allergies, etc.  That takes time.  We don’t want our guests to be waiting in a crammed line at 9:28 or 11:28 a.m. because EVERYONE decided to show up at the same time.  We are asking all “All-In’er” and regular attenders to attempt to get here about 15 minutes early to check their children in to Kids’ Kanyon to avoid a crowding issue as we start worship.

4.  Invite everyone you know (and don’t know).  It is OK.  Force complete strangers to go to church with you :-).  It is Easter.  And we are going to celebrate well.  But we are also going to be ourselves.  They are coming to Living Stones.  And Living Stones is who we will be (if that makes any sense).

5.  Finally, come expectant. This whole day is a celebration about a shocking, amazing, and unexpected action of God to speak life into dead places.  Come expectant of that same God doing that exact same thing…in the dead spaces of our lives!!

  1. helper says:

    This is my passion! Could I be your helper to deliver. Love to meet the principal and her concerns for her students.

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