Adding Some New Ministries/Leaders

Posted: April 22, 2009 in Leadership, Living Stones Church, vision

Sunday we announced the recent addition of some new ministries and ministry leaders.  Very exciting:

Volunteer Ministry – Jeff Gritton

We have noticed as we have grown that getting people plugged into an area of ministry and service is a whole other animal.  Our ministry leaders in other areas are in need of volunteers and people who are willing to serve.  But bridging that gap between a willing volunteer and a ministry role requires intentionality and guidance.  Jeff, who has a Ph.D. in volunteerism, is leading our Volunteer Ministry and helping people identify their passions, God-given gifts, particular personalities and connecting them with areas of ministry and service that will help them grow in Christ and make a difference for the Kingdom of God!

CARE Ministry – Kris Ballard

When things were smaller, we could informally get the word out in regards to someone who was sick, going into the hospital, had a baby, absent, or in need.  We have discovered with growth that those informal structures don’t work very well anymore.  So – Kris Ballard is coming to the rescue.  She is putting together a CARE ministry that insures we intentionally minister and care for the church.  I’m very excited because I know there are A TON of people at Living Stones Church who have a passion and gift for encouragement.  People who already call and check on people, send notes, prepare food, etc.  Very exciting!!

Stewardship Ministry – Jeff Hammett

Mentored by Warren Buffet (not to be confused with Jimmy) and unaffected by any economic recession, Jeff Hammett, the brilliant financial strategist that he is, is leading a stewardship ministry that has as their task two very important functions:  1) Making sure we are a fully-resourced church – meaning that money is never our issue when it comes to moving forward in vision and mission on the South side of South Bend; and 2) Putting in systems of accountability to insure that in everything financial, there isn’t a hint of impropriety and that the checks n’ balances at work places everyone above question.

Very exciting.  Very exciting.  Pray for our new ministry leaders.  They join the ranks of our diaconate and I’m very excited to have them being a part of leading the Living Stones Church!!

[These pictures have been used without the permission of said ministry leaders and were stolen from various Facebook pages 🙂 ]

  1. scmiller says:

    Good to see Mr Gritton plugged in again. Growth and good things happen when the mission is lived out.

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