Posted: April 24, 2009 in Discipleship, faith, Living Stones Church, Preaching

This week we continue the third week of our series on Viva la Vida with a message entitled FREE Life.  In our staff meeting this week I threatened to just show Braveheart (the greatest movie ever made in the history of humanity) clips the whole time!!  I still might do it.  🙂

Jesus’ desire for your life is…FREEDOM! Free to be the real, the true, the authentic, the God-image bearing person you were created to be!!  All too often because of life situations, circumstances, choices, habits, decisions…we find ourselves enslaved to thoughts, actions, people, and/or objects.  We (most of the time unconsciously) surrender our freedom and end up less than free (to put it mildly) enslaved (to put it more bluntly).

Living a Viva la Vida life…is to life a FREE life.  That life is found in Jesus. Sunday…we’re going there!!!

  1. David Wilson says:

    That IS one great speech (even though I aspire to be a pacifist)…

  2. Ed says:

    So will I need to count Braveheart references instead of cheese fries references?

  3. Jennae says:

    Ed, that is really funny!!!

  4. the wife says:

    I just hope he doesn’t wear his William Wallace costume.

  5. Ed Holstein says:

    I would be impressed if you could somehow crossreference a cheese fry comment with a braveheart clip.

  6. kathy (aka) katrina says:

    the 3’s and 4’s lesson plans for this Sunday calls for a kilt to represent Scotland.. (telling the world that Jesus lives) kangaroo for Australia .. sombrero for Mexico … and so on..

    I was going to ask Josh to wear his Kilt in.. but Sam.. I think you should pop 2nd service (which is Sarah’s class this week) in your kilt … Wow now that would be a lesson they’d never forget.. I dare you!

    oh and bout the cheese fries.. I miss my blissful ignorance before you referenced the caloric content.. Please don’t ever do that for DQ

  7. latenitemike says:

    OH… Sam in a kilt…. that thought blinds me…. “FREEEDOM….”

  8. Jennifer G. says:

    Great message today, Sam!!

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