5.5.09 Biggest Loser – Time for Ron to Go

Posted: May 6, 2009 in Biggest Loser, The Biggest Loser

We’re coming down to the finals.  Four contestants left.  Tara and Helen are both safe from the possibility of elimination.  Ron and Mike fell below the yellow line and AMERICA gets to vote (it’s a shame Helen didn’t fall below the yellow line).  You can cast your vote here (you can vote up to ten times via internet).  I like Ron.  I think he was a little weasley (especially with the Kristen incident), but his time is up…time for Ron to go home (which of course he also asked for to help his son, Mike…just like Helen would have done 😦 )

Show was a little dramatic.  Didn’t like the marathon idea, although figured Tara would have no problem.  I thought it was interesting that the trainers didn’t know about the marathon and when they found out thought it was a bad idea (Jillian – I’ve never run a marathon“).  Seemed like too big a risk for the contestants in regards to their overall health – especially Ron.  And what happened to Mike’s hip?  They didn’t say.

Did anyone see Shannon (Helen’s daughter)?  Just a glimpse of her at the beginning (looks like she should have stayed on the ranch) and that was it.  Thought that it was interesting especially in comparison to a lot of airtime for Ron’s son, Max.

Helen has done a great job.  She has lost a ton of weight.  She looks WAY different.  SHE RAN AND COMPLETED A MARATHON!  But I just can’t celebrate those things with her because I keep thinking about her poor daughter!!

I loved Jillian’s approach with Helen and Tara in regards to living in the extreme of even weight loss/fitness/and exercise.  Those things serve a larger purpose…to live a good and healthy life!  We become fit so we can enjoy life.  When fitness BECOMES the focus, it becomes an end in itself and becomes oppressive and steals joy in life.  They were on the verge of a break down due to stress and pressure to eat only the right things and exercise and lose weight.  Loved her strategy of going out to eat, drinking a glass of wine, and enjoying a meal.  Jillian, “When friends come into town, it is OK to have a drink, to eat some cake, etc.”  That’s the point…ENJOYING LIFE!!!

There is a sermon in that by the way.  Whenever anything that is meant to lead to something else (e.g. – Bible Study – leads to equipped for every good work/transformation) BECOMES the focus and/or the end-in-itself…it becomes an idol with the power to enslave.  You can plug that in to anything (e.g., sex, eating healthy, spiritual disciplines, etc.).

Tara has NEVER been below the yellow line and has the greatest body fat percentage on the history of the show.  GO TARA!!! (I do like that Mike…he’s a good kid!)

  1. patti (lower case) says:

    Ron should have left the show a long time ago. As to Helen, wow what a rotten Mom. She also ate the cookie giving the 5 min. penalty to Tara causing Tara to lose the bonus money. I sincerely do not like Helen. Go Tara!!!!!

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