5.12.09 – Biggest Loser Finale – RESULTS

Posted: May 12, 2009 in Biggest Loser, The Biggest Loser
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Allison Sweeney….um…heeeeellllllooooo. 🙂

Voting for Erinn and Amanda for a place on next season’s Biggest Lose is stupid.  They both look exactly the same and had nearly the exact same video story.  How in the world is America supposed to choose?  Based on what criteria?  (Amanda won)  But why?  I feel sorry for Erinn.

Estella (Lost 83 lbs. 34.30%) & Jerry (oldest contestant ever on Biggest Loser [64 years old] – Lost 177 lbs!! 47.97%) – Holy Cow!!!  Jerry took home the at-home $100,000 PRIZE!!

Damien (Lost 136 lbs. – 35.70%) & Nicole (Lost 123 lbs. – 45.72%)

Sione (Lost 146 lbs. – 39.25%) & Filipe (Lost 135 lbs. – 37.09%)

Carla (started as the heaviest woman ever on the Biggest Loser [389 lbs.] – Lost 128 lbs – 33.77%) & Joelle (Lost 80 lbs. – 25.89%)

Blaine (Lost 116 lbs. – 31.78%) & Dane (Lost 154 lbs. – 37.38%)

Mandi (Lost 92 lbs. – 34.98%) & Aubrey (Lost 55 lbs. – 22.09%) looked like Aubrey may have gained weight since leaving the ranch

Cathy (Lost 95 lbs. – 32.42%) & Kristin (wow…Kristin looks great!!!! – Lost 167 lbs – 46.39%)

David (Lost 43 lbs. – 10.94% – sad) & Daniel (heaviest contestant ever [started at 454 lbs.] – Lost 142 lbs – 31.28%)

Laura (Lost 86 lbs. – 30.18%)

Shannon [HELLO…HELEN…DID YOU SEE THE REPLAY…SHANNON DIDN’T WANT TO GO HOME!!!!] (Lost 92 lbs. – 32.51%) – good job Shannon!

Ron (Lost 192 lbs. – 44.65%)


Helen – (“I did it” – “I want it” – “I” “I” “I” “me” “me”…it’s all about “me”…) – Lost 140 lbs. – 54.47% (don’t like her…but I admit that is impressive…now go give your daughter a hug)

MikeLost 207 lbs. – 53.35% (so close)

Tara – won 12 challenges (record)…record for weight loss…for 18 weeks…NEVER went below yellow line…most any woman has ever lost on campus – Lost 155 lbs. –

Helen won.  I couldn’t be more disappointed.  I watched this show all season and one of the most unlikeable contestants just won.  Notice the crowd really isn’t into her victory.  Polite  applause.  One of the most selfish players just won.  Whatever.

  1. Val says:

    I agree. The longer Helen was on the show, the less impressed I was with her. Her selfishness grew at a faster rate than her weight dropped. And frankly, I think she looks horrible now. 117lbs? Her skin is hanging off of her. She looks emaciated and gaunt. Isn’t this show about healthy weight loss? Because that’s not healthy weight loss. I have to admit I was rooting for Mike and Tara – mostly for Mike. I’m biased, sure. But Helen really looks unhealthy. Bummer of a season finale.

  2. Val – TOTALLY AGREE with your assessment!!

  3. GVM says:

    I agree I have mixed feelings about Helen winning. She is unlikeable and selfish, but does deserve it for all her hard work.

    I’m wondering if she starved herself for the last week or so. I doubt she’ll be able to remain at 117 pounds. Still, if she keeps it to 130 or so, she’ll be doing great.

    Too bad, I was pulling for Tara. 😦

    Way to go, Jerry! He really deserves the at-home prize with only 2 weeks on campus.

    And what’s with Kristin’s hair? She looks like a punk rocker.

    Mental note – never wear a low cut dress showing lots of cleavage when confetti falls.

  4. Michelle says:

    Helen is such a selfish bi***, if she wins I will truly never watch this show again.

  5. GVM says:

    P.S. I think that whatever weight Helen was at when she won the marathon was healthy. Now she’s starting to look anorexic, but not to worry, she’ll start putting some of it back on this week.

    BTW, does anyone know how tall Helen is? I’m wondering what her BMI is.

    I think Tara, Mike, and Nichole looked quite good and healthy. 🙂

    I’m not happy that the show does not calculate body fat percentage. If it were truly about getting healthy, it would be about who lost the highest percentage of FAT (to a point), not just weight.

  6. Kneip says:

    Amen to all of you. I felt bad for Tara — she looked like she’s hit a very healthy weight — she’s 5’9″ for crying out loud! When Helen put up that number, I did the math and thought, “Tara *shouldn’t* be at 130, and it looks like her body has stopped at a good place, so I bet she’s screwed.” Probably the same for Mike, too — the 180s look like a good range for him.

    It’s a shame.

    P.S. I hope Helen can be happy for Shanon like Shanon was for Helen.

  7. Karen says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, so sad, so disappointed, so wanted Tara to win.
    Other than the show being extremely drug out, could they commercialize us enough, I enjoyed seeing all the people, some were disappointing, but others were fabulous.
    Kristin what have you done to your hair? Please go back. Other than that you looked great.
    Jerry, you are the bomb. I am amazed at your accomplishment.
    Helen, I am happy for you, although you were not my favorite, you did a great job, please cut your hair and stop bleaching it.
    Mike, you are adorable, what a handsome man you have become, so close to winning, but keep up the good work.
    Tara, Tara, Tara, my idol, I am so sad that you did not win, but you look great, amazing and all. Keep up the good work, I hope to see you in the future.

  8. Chelsea Hurst says:

    Ugh. Sam. Ugh!

    Just pray nobody signs her to do endorsements. I hope she doesn’t benefit anymore from being so selfish. Tara and Mike looked fabulous. I’m sure they’ll sign some spokesperson deals. I hope they don’t feel like they’ve failed. They haven’t! They looked HEALTHY!

  9. Melissa says:

    Was it just my TV, or did they all look freakishly tan? Helen looked 58, not 48.

  10. Scott says:

    Agree with GVM – I think Helen starved herself just to win. She was, by far, the most selfish person ever to win.

    While I was not always a Tara fan, I was rooting for her in the end. I did not want Mike to win, simply because his arrogance on campus needed to be tempered. Had he won over Helen, I may have been OK with it.

    Kristin looked like she just stepped out of a P!NK video. She looked good, except for the overdone hair and makeup.

    Disappointing season.

  11. Kneip says:

    Update: on an interview on the Today show this morning, they asked Helen about the decision to send Shanon home. She said something like, “Well, because it’s Hollywood and editing, you know, you don’t always get the whole picture. But remember that that was a decision that *we* made. Actually, it was a decision that *she* made — she wanted to go home.”

    Revisionist history or the real deal? I don’t know, but I agree with Sam: the tape sure made it *look* like Shanon didn’t want to leave…

  12. Mary says:

    Not only does Helen look too thin but also Jerry looks terrible with being that thin. I think Jerry looks more like 75 or 80 than just 64. What is this the series of the old people. They both look terrible.

  13. Amanda (Jean) says:

    I am a friend of Erinn’s and i CANNOT believe she didn’t win. In MY house alone, we did over 200online votes, plus phone votes, i know that’s not really a lot but this was all over our state, Erinn is a great girl who really deserved to be on it, and we let AMERICA vote? First, how was it nationwide when it hadn’t even aired on the west coast yet? Unfair! Not trying to be biased or anything but I have been reading LOTS of blogs that are wondering why Erinn didnt win it? Yeah sure they gave her an at home package, but if it were that easy everyone would do it at home, obviously she tried out for the show for a reason, and they obviously saw something in her, but left it up to people who knew nothing about her, and had a short amount of time to vote…makes NO sense to crush her dreams on LIVE television after coming so close!

  14. Andrew says:

    dont like Tara
    dont like Helen
    i wish mike wouldve won.

    BEst part of the night was the look on Taras face when she lost. EPIC! finally the days of her being “cocky” are done, and she lost. Im still dissapointed

  15. afdip says:

    did anyone else see all the contestants jump at the end just seconds before they went off the air? There was a loud bang and the cut the show – can’t find any info on it???

  16. Chelsea Hurst says:

    afdip – It was a confetti gun.

  17. afdip says:

    Wow, talk about jumpy people. looked much more serious than that. thanks Chelsea

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