Broadway Christian Parish

Posted: May 15, 2009 in Church, South Bend, vision

This is Broadway Christian Parish (a  United Methodist Church).  Their Pastor is Nancy Nichols.  They are located on Carroll St. on the south side of South Bend.  I’ve never met Nancy.  And I don’t know a lot about Broadway Christian Parish EXCEPT they do a TON to feed, cloth, and take care of “the least-of-these” (Matthew 25:40)  in our community.  They have the servant heart of Jesus and over and over again I have been impressed with what I have seen and heard from this church.

In regards to my criteria of importance – “If this church were to cease to exist, would anyone in the community even notice?” I would answer if this church ceased to exist there would be a large void of compassion, kindness, and generosity to those who are in need of mercy.

To continue to serve the neighborhood around them, they have a steady stream of need by way of food, cash donations, a washer & dryer, etc.  They do kingdom work.  And it is impressive.  I think the Living Stones Church should bless them for living out what God has called them to.

So…let me see here…mind working….

  1. Lorinda says:

    That place is so cool. I to only know their outreach but it’s cool. I wonder if several churches together could take over Miami Hills and run it. Hum Sam……..

  2. Doug says:


  3. Barney says:

    I visited their website

    I see that they serve up to 100 every Sunday for a noon meal. There are opportunities for churches like ourselves to go in and prepare a meal for them. We could possibly bless them by volunteering and going in and preparing a meal or two and give the regulars a break. Perhaps being on sight we would see other ways to bless them.

    I also see they have a shower ministry. Providing little care packs of soap, shampoo, and rinse might also be helpful.

    Great Stuff!!!

  4. Lorinda says:

    Sounds good

  5. Ann says:

    I have spoken to Nancy on several occasions regarding their food pantry and the breakfasts they serve EVERY morning. What an incredible church! I love the idea of helping them. I’m sure that Nancy would love to team up with us, maybe we should take a road trip over there one morning and talk with her after we help with breakfast, just a thought.

  6. Lorinda says:

    Ann, I would love to be involved with that. Please let me know when and where.

  7. Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. We would love to spend time showing you what we do, sharing our vision with you, and yes, accepting help from you!

    I think the basic question asked at the beginning, “If this church were to cease to exist, would anyone in the community even notice?” is one we struggle to answer everyday!

    Thanks for your support,


  8. Ed says:


    The people you serve would definitely notice. Back when I was working that neighborhood regularly I would encounter and deal with people BCP serves every day. That was how I found out about the ministry work you guys do there.

    I know that the Hope and CFH are ‘givens’, and Catholic Worker is fairly ‘popular’ but the people I talked to were pretty grateful you were there.

  9. […] Broadway Christian Parish.  They do amazing work in our community among those who are in greatest need.  And they do so […]

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