Living Stones Church Weekend Events

Posted: May 15, 2009 in Leadership, Living Stones Church, vision

Dear Living Stoners

Just a few reminders:

1.  We are starting a BRAND NEW Care Ministry!!!  I’m very excited about it BECAUSE of so many people who have a gift of encouragement and mercy here at the Living Stones Church.  Kris Ballard, our Care Ministry leader, is having an informational and beginning point meeting on Sunday after each service (doesn’t matter which service you attend, there will be a meeting at the conclusion of each) in the conference room.  Come and check out the opportunities!!

2.  Our process of taking over ownership of the Miami Hills Apartments 🙂 is on this Saturday!!  (just kidding…kind of)  We have been collecting groceries with a set grocery list that will feed a family for a day.  By the way – our hallway is lined with groceries at the moment!!  On Saturday @ 11:00 a.m. we will meet at the church and then head on over to Miami Hills to deliver a bag of groceries to pretty close to every unit at the apartment complex!!  The catch?…THERE IS NONE! There are no strings attached.  We don’t preach, we don’t hand out tracts, we don’t even invite to church – just a quick action to say God loves them (shock and awe is what we are going for)…turn…and leave!!  An intentional and planned act of kindness.  Then…back to the church to debrief on how we complete our takeover…mmmhhhhhaaaaaaaa   mhhaaaaaaaa [evil laugh…but done with a grin]!!! 🙂


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