Scabs and Scars

Posted: May 28, 2009 in Discipleship

Scabs and scars.  Two different things.

Scabs are fresh and reveal that an injury has just taken place and the body is in process of healing.  The area is still sore, tender, and easily irritated.  The clot of the scab is raised from the rest of your skin and in the process of healing can be itchy.  If you pick at it, scratch it, or rub too hard, it is possible to reopen the wound again…and again…and again.

Scars are the evidence of a wounding that has occurred, but has since fully healed.  The nature of the wound has left an impression.  It has left…a scar.  But the scar is the evidence of a fully healed wound.  You cannot reopen it.  It isn’t irritated, it doesn’t itch, and you can’t pick at it.  It becomes a story in the landscape of your life that allows you to answer in response to the inquisition, “How did you get that scar?”

All of us get wounded in life.  Comes with the terrain of love, humanity,  and the Fall of Creation.  What is troublesome is when a wound remains scabbed and because one irritates it, picks at it, or continually opens it up – it never moves to being a scar. The scar allows us to remember.  The scar proves that what happened was in fact injurious (as opposed to flippantly saying, “oh…that’s OK“.  No…it wasn’t OK.).  Sometimes in redemptive ways.  This scar proves that it is never a good idea to dive through a back porch window!  But it is just a scar.  It is what happened.  And while it has left a mark…it is healed.

Scabs should only be for a season.  Scars are for a life-time.

What in your life continues to be a scab that should have long ago moved on to being a scar?  May the One who bears scars on his hands, feet, and side – help you to bear your as well.

  1. Jim Ruth says:

    That is so well put. Thanks.

  2. Helen says:

    Thanks, I got a couple of heart scabs this week. I need Him to heal them.

  3. Greg says:

    Great to see you and your place last week. Thanks for taking the time to hang with an “outcast from up north” for a while. Great post. Praying for your church and this weekend’s baptism service. GF

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