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We are underway of receiving questions for our Holipedia message series (beginning July 12th) that you might have in regards to Jesus, Bible, Christianity, Faith, etc.  You can submit them to

My favorite question thus far was submitted on Sunday.

For 2000 years the church has had important issues that called for the most brilliant minds, the most intellectual thinkers, and the most spiritual of advisers to gather together to debate and discuss.  I can historically think through such councils, conferences and congresses that have been assembled to adjudicate matters and implications of our faith.

Sunday I received one of those historically important questions:

“Can God microwave a burrito so hot that even he can’t eat it?” – Kenny Boyce

Brilliant.  Leave it to doctoral level thinkers in philosophy to stump the best and brightest.

To the Word I go…to find the answer to the possible “Burrito Heresy.” 🙂

[With apologizes to Andy Stanley in whom I was convicted of this principle and am now trying to paraphrase in my own words]

If I want to go to Florida but head west on the 80/90 Toll Road towards Chicago, you know what will happen?  I will NEVER make it to Florida.  If I pray and ask the Lord to get me to Florida; if I’m wearing swim trunks meant for the beaches of Florida; if I am wearing sun screen and have packed a bag ideal for the conditions of Florida – BUT I’m on the 80/90 Toll Road headed towards Chicago, you know what?  I’M NEVER GOING TO GET TO FLORIDA.

The reason…direction ALWAYS determines destination.

We all know this truth in regards to geography, travel, navigating maps, etc.  What is interesting is how there is a complete disconnect between this profound truth (which we know to be true in one area of our lives) and how it applies to EVERY other area of our life.

We like to judge our lives based on intention, dreams, desires, etc.  We intend certain things.  We dream about certain things.  We want certain things for our lives.  We even pray for certain things.  BUT all of those intentions, dreams, desires, and prayers are trumped by one simple thing…DIRECTION!

  • You may intend to have an awesome marriage, but the real question is what path are you on, and is that path going to lead you to an awesome marriage?
  • You may intend to lose weight and be fit physically, but the real question is what path are you on?  And does that path lead you straight to Culver’s Butter Burgers?
  • You may intend to grow in your discipleship to Jesus, but the real question is not about my intentions, but rather about my direction.  Am I on a path that will lead me to growth in discipleship?
  • You may intend to lead a church to be outward and mission, but the real question is not what our hopes, dreams, and prayers are…but rather, what is the direction of your church?  Is it on a path that leads you to be outward and missional (e.g. measured in emphasis, time, budget, energy, resources, etc.)

Anyone can say they want a good marriage, healthy relationships, spiritual children, fitness goals, organization goals, spiritual goals, etc.  We can intend for those things, we can hope for those things, we can dream about those things, and we can even pray about those things.

But if the directional movement of our lives aren’t set for those things…we will never get there.

DIRECTION not INTENTION is ALL that matters when it comes to where you life is heading.

So get the road-map of your life out and take a look.  If you continue down this path, will you REALLY get to the destination you intend, dream, hope, imagine, and pray for?


True story that just happened:

Caleb (my nine year old son) pulled out his loose tooth.  With the blood coming out of his gums he took his finger and smeared two lines of blood on his upper cheeks…posed for me and said, “The blood of a warrior!!!

For balance, I’m now going to go play dolls with him. 🙂

Good-Bye Michael Jackson

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I miss the Thriller days.

To ALL MEN who are bored with church and want to reject a Christianity that has as its main purpose helping you abstain from certain behaviors…we need you.  To seriously down-to-earth men who live their lives with the appropriate levels of testosterone that God gave you…we need you.  To men who feel uncomfortable singing songs about Jesus that makes him seem to be your “boyfriend”…we need you.  To men who would be willing to follow Jesus in a way that is defined by world-changing, radical revolution full of great risk, challenge, boldness, and danger…here at the Living Stones Church…we need you!!

Here’s why (click on logo):

Questions. Everyone has them.  Big questions, small questions, heavy questions, light questions.  Questions with simple answers.  Questions with complex answers.  Questions that seem to have no answer.  Questions.  Let the search for answers begin!!  We are inviting you to submit ANY question you have about Jesus, the Bible, Christianity, church, faith, doctrine, etc. and then for three weeks, beginning on July 12th we begin a new message series entitled, Holipedia, that attempts to answer your questions from God’s search engine, the Bible.  You may submit questions on your connection card on Sunday morning @ the Living Stones Church or e-mail them to