Church – A Depository for the Unwanted

Posted: June 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

I want the Living Stones Church to be a church for the “unwanted.”  But when I say that – I’m talking about PEOPLE.  I’m not talking about your household goods and pantry items.  You would be amazed at how many people clean out their garage, closet, pantry, etc. and put the stuff in a box and conclude, “I bet the church can use this.”  Then they bring the box to church, set it in a hallway, and then we have no idea what it is, why it’s here, and who put it there.  This morning we found a can of peas.  We don’t need a can of peas (even if they are “small and very young” – what does that even mean!!!! 🙂 ).  If you are going through your pantry and find food items you no longer need – don’t drop them off here.  Remember, we want the unwanted PEOPLE – not garage sale items! 🙂 [exceptions: cash, treasure, cars, antiques worth a lot of money, fine jewelry, and cheese]

  1. eB says:

    Let us offer one another a sign of peas.
    Peas be with you.

    That can was rocking out in the parking lot at the Underground show last Friday, no one saw it sitting there or swiped it till today?

  2. Kneip says:

    Link #2 in the story: I found it lying in said parking lot and put it up on one of the AC units near the double doors, so that if someone lost it, they could see and reclaim it. But I can’t remember what I did with it then — did I leave it on the AC unit, or take it somewhere else, only to forget it again?

    World peas.

  3. The Bishop says:

    All we are saying is, give peas a chance.

  4. Barney says:

    Hey Sam,
    I am in total agreement. It is sad what people will donate to a food pantry.

    Peas people give your best to those who are in need.

  5. Ann says:

    The AEP man left his hat at the building, we put it out next to the can of peas on the AC unit hoping they both would be gone, I guess he didn’t want the peas just his hat. So much for spreading world peas around.

  6. Doug says:

    May the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peas.

  7. david says:

    Uh…sorry about that, Sam.
    I remember that can. It must’ve fallen out of my car in the parking lot some time ago. I’ll pick it up next time I’m in the neighborhood.

  8. sister says:

    This is absolutely priceless. I just love it. The pieces of the puzzle all coming together as to how the can of peas gets to be on the AC unit of the church. Plus all the peas/peace comments….I worship with a bunch of dorks! I really just love it.

  9. Ed says:

    Man that’s too bad, I was loading up three HUGE pans of cheese fries in the back of the car, but I stumbled across this blog to look up directions to the church an saw this post and it occurred to me that Living Stones has no use for cheese fries.

    They were dumped into the trash. Piping hot, gooey pans of bacon slathered, ranch coated cheese fries.

  10. Melissa says:


  11. latenitemike says:

    Peas and Cheese Fries…the new taste sensation….

    everybody , riase your hands and sing ” All we are saying is GIVE PEAS a CHANCE….”

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