Father’s Day @ Living Stones Church

Posted: June 12, 2009 in Living Stones Church, Preaching, vision

I’m stoked about a new three week message series, entitled Ultimate Fighting Champion:  Something Worth Fighting For, that will begin on Father’s Day, June 21st @ the Living Stones Church.  It is a series specifically for men (and any women who might love them) that will not use the following words:

  • “relationship”
  • “touched”
  • “emotional”
  • “flowery”
  • “feelings”
  • “glitter”

There is also a pretty good chance meat will be involved as well.  Yea…meat…REAL meat…like…cooked on a grill kind of meat.  One lucky dude might even score himself a ribeye.

And…we will talk about fighting.  Fighting a good fight…preparing ourselves for the reality that some things in our life are worth fighting for.  So – no passivity, no pansy attitude, no whining, no cowardice, no timidity, just brutal confrontation against those things that seek to take us out that will TAPOUT when confronted by the spirit of power given us in Jesus.  Bring every dude you know.  You (and they) will be glad you did.

The color pink will not appear in our bulletins.  We will not hold hands and sing.  All hugs will be side-hugs.  I would listen to “Eye of the Tiger” to prepare yourself for the morning.  Wait until you see our “octagon”!

  1. latenitemike says:

    Don’t forget the Dog wolf calls tooo…. AAARRRRROOOF,ROOOF ,ROOOF

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