The LSC T-Shirt Competition

Posted: June 12, 2009 in Living Stones Church

In ND fashion, we are proud to unveil this year’s (and probably a few years to come) Living Stones Church t-shirt!!  You saw them Sunday at the baptismal celebration where everyone who got baptized got a FREE t-shirt (and eternal life)!

NOW – we are making them available to you for $10.  If you would like one (they make great gifts…who doesn’t want an awesome Living Stones Church shirt?), bring $10 to church on Sunday and go home with A LIVING STONES CHURCH T-shirt!!  You will find them in The Little Theater.

THEN – we are going to have a competition.  Throughout the year, wherever you find yourself, take a photo of you at a cool place or with a celebrity person – (e.g., a national monument, in front of the White House, the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, on your trip to Sweden, next to the President of the United States or  etc.) wearing your Living Stones Church t-shirt and then we will compile the pictures and find the most exotic or awesome place or person and declare you the victor (maybe with a prize too)!

Then, when we continue our quest for global domination, we will at least find the photo evidence of Living Stoners all over the world!

  1. Jim Ruth says:

    This could get real interesting. I think I hear the faint sound of wheels turning.

  2. Tikkri Knarr says:

    Interesting idea!!!

  3. […] you have one, wear your Living Stones Church t-shirt that day (another shipment with smaller sizes arive here on Friday) so we can sit together and […]

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