Mark Driscoll on the Church’s Need for Men

Posted: June 25, 2009 in Uncategorized
  1. Jim Ruth says:

    He might want to consider going after the 48 year old husbands of the wives that are already attending first, or there might be a problem with 25 year old “dudes” on the prowl. Other than that, he’s spot on.

  2. Melissa says:

    That guy had a necklace, overly coiffed hair with too much product, and circa 1988 George Michael stubble. He reminds me a lot of my exhusband. I’m not buying his manly talk. Play a clip with a pick up truck driving man wearing a Browning camoflauge baseball cap who wouldn’t be caught dead with waxed hair and I’m sold.

  3. Not going to throw it all out, even with waxy hair, but this dude is OD’d on testosterone. Are the only innovators men? Men in their 20’s? Are there innovators that are women in their 30’s? I think so, but I must agree that his plan has worked. They have been very targeted in their approach to this demographic (applause) but this speaks more about Driscoll’s persona than it does about the church’s missing link. I think I love this guy and detest him too.

  4. kurt says:

    oh man do we!

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