Bringing in the Scholars

Posted: July 8, 2009 in Living Stones Church, Preaching, vision

I’m having lunch with David Kneip today.  Why?  Because he is a genius biblical scholar.  David and I will work through over 50 questions that were submitted for our up and coming Holipedia series.

Going into this series my thought about it was that it would be a great, fun, somewhat interactive process of study and engagement.  After reading the questions, I feel a little more somber about it.  It will still be great, fun, and somewhat interactive, but these questions are humbling.  Theologians and scholars have wrestled with some of these questions for 2000 years and now I’m going to get up and offer my two cents…

People don’t ask questions out of a vacuum.  They come from life experience, sincere doubt, living in the tension of reconciling faith with other disciplines, answering the faith objection of someone they love, or trying to come to grips with their own struggles with God/Christianity, etc.  Thus, the questions don’t feel academic to me.  They feel personal.  And it is humbling.  But, this is where we planned to go…so to Holipedia we go..

Questions about: Why bad things happen to good people, homosexuality, lots of questions about creation – evolution, dinosaurs, Adam & Eve, Adam & Eve’s kids, the Trinity, animals in heaven, losing salvation, who is saved?, Satan and his power, demons & angels, prayer, tattoos, gifts of the Spirit, the Jewish people, what happens at death, AND A LOT more…oh…and that one burrito question.

Due to time, we won’t be able to answer all of the questions, but we will do our best to answer as many as we can.

You should be there Sunday.  Bring a friend too.  I hope you will be get a lot out of Sunday, but quite honestly, I hope more than anything you will have a greater hunger to search the Word for answers.  That may just be the best outcome of all.


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