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Record turnout for a Living Stones Church Discovery Class.

My favorite part is always going around the room and hearing the stories of people’s religious background and how they heard about and came to the Living Stones Church.

Tonight we had people whose religious backgrounds included:   two Unitarians and two Serbian-Orthodox (I’m not kidding…when the second mentioned he grew up Serbian-Orthodox too I thought he was just being funny..serious as a heart attack!!), Mormon, Jehovah Witness, Catholic, Nazarene, Pentecostal, Baptist (Southern & Fundamental Independent), Presbyterian, Methodist, and my favorite…no church background at all…first experience is with Living Stones.

I have never seen a church of such a diverse background come together for a common vision and purpose.  It is truly crazy.

It was an awesome group of people.

They are beautiful.

They downed 12 pizzas.  That was beautiful too. 🙂

Tuesday, September 15th @ 8 p.m.  YEA BABY!!!

Back to single players.

Perhaps Against My Better Judgment

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Dear “Sam I Am” blog reader.  Sometimes I tread a fine-line between funny and appropriate.  As you may well know…I pretty much live my life on this line.  This posting may be against my better judgment.  Not sure who all reads this blog…but my little sister sent this to me as a possible blog video claiming that this was true.  I have my doubts.  If you offended, you can blame my sister.  In fact, send her an angry fiery e-mail here.  (Her name is Sarah)

Thank You Jesus

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After years of the “pepto-bismol pink” with brown trim…a new look!!  The Annex…renamed “The Pit” (the gathering space for our middle and high schoolers) is getting a fresh new look.

Thank you to some dudes who have recently found they have more time on their hands than they would like…thanks for investing it at LSC!!

Some message video openers from the past two weeks as we have walked through Discovering Christ – Dirty Jobs & Man vs. Wild.

Thanks to Doug Harsch for his time in scripting, filming, and editing these videos.  Doug is not responsible for the quality of acting 🙂

And Yet Another

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I keep talking about the 11,811 kids who live on the South Side of South Bend…

Make it 11,812 who now live on the South Side of South Bend thanks to Randy & Jaynie Romer

Grant Ryan – 7 lbs. 14 ounces 20 inches long.


Thanks to a partnership with Samaritan’s Feet (click on the link to check out their website), we are VERY EXCITED about a REEF event taking place here at the Living Stones Church on Saturday, September 19th 11:30-2:30 p.m.  We are giving away an awesome pair of athletic shoes (thanks to a contract Samaritan’s Feet has with the Finish Line) to each student at Monroe Primary Center.  Flyers are out to each family.  It will be an awesome time together as about 360 students (we hope) will come to the Living Stones Church for some butt-kicking shoes (that means…”awesome”). 🙂

While here there will be games, fun, food, etc.

Children will have their feet – sized, washed, given new socks & new shoes, prayed for…and then off to play some basketball or other activity.

Sign-ups for some needed volunteer positions is up on the bulletin board lobby.  Swing by and sign up on SUNDAY!!!

Monday night the collective geniuses, also known as the South Bend School Board, got together and based on finances decided to vote 4-3 against beginning a new High Tech School in the corporation.  The proposed site was the Studebaker building (which I was rooting for if no other reason than exposure from the city to the neighborhood and the dilapidated and abandoned homes RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET).  The decision was based on money.  And, it may have been the right decision given the lack of funds.  What is interesting is in the audience was Chris Murphy, the chairman and CEO of 1st Source Bank who was going to begin the project with $200,000 and a pledge to network with others to raise another $2 million to see the New High Tech School take off.  After witnessing the inept leadership of the school board, he walked away thinking even if he had $2 million he wouldn’t entrust it to this group.

Do you think electing our school board members is a good idea?

Here is the WNDU report from their website:

Chris Murphy, chairman and CEO of 1st Source Bank, came to Monday’s board meeting ready to give more than $200,000 and help raise $2 million for New Tech High. But the school board voted against the project.

“I had hoped that they would approve New Tech High,” said Murphy, who didn’t announce his reason for attending Monday’s board meeting.

“I chose not to speak at the beginning of the meeting because I didn’t want that to influence any of the board members,” said Murphy.

Initially, he said, he planned to help out if the vote went in favor of the New Tech high school. Murphy says the money he planned to donate, on behalf of 1st Source bank and another foundation, would have enabled the project to get through its first phase and first year.

Murphy also said he planned to lead a community effort to raise $2 million more to fund the program going forward.

“There was general agreement among the community leadership that we needed something like this very badly,” he said.

But after watching board members go back and forth on the issue, Murphy says he was unimpressed with their general level of understanding and conduct.

“After watching the school board the other night I wouldn’t want any part of it,” said Murphy.

Murphy says the project could work better as a charter school – an idea proposed by board member Roger Parent.

Parent distributed a memo last week that outlined a contingency plan. If the school board voted down the New Tech High School, he would go forward with a project outside the school corporation.

Parent says he’s just getting started with that plan. The earliest the school could open would be 2011, he said.

The Distance of Music

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Sitting on the front porch of the church working and I can hear the Riley High School Marching Band practicing…EIGHT BLOCKS away.  I wonder on Sunday morning if we opened up the windows of the church and really cranked up the band (or even keep them at the same volume 🙂 )  and sang really loudly if neighbors eight blocks away can hear us worship.  Would they hear the passion in our hearts?