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This past weekend Kelly and I traveled to St. Louis to meet five other couples that were our best friends as we graduated from Harding University back in 1993!!!  It was our reunion.  I’m not really good at keeping in touch.  Some of them I had not seen or spoken to in about 13 years.  Yet as soon as we saw one another, we immediately started talking, laughing, and carrying on as if we had seen each other last week.  It is an amazing dynamic.  I have a BUTT load of memories with Tim, Lane, Clint, Byron, and Shawn.  They were with me as God shaped and transformed my life and called me into ministry.  They were there to encourage that journey and to help me grow.  I’m proud of what they have become.  Great husbands (six couples still married after 16 years…we have defied the statistics), fathers, and disciples of Jesus.

One moment of scary truth was when Tim McKenzie (my roommate throughout college) was talking about his oldest daughter who is now a Freshman in High School (Isaac will be there next year).  When he mentioned her being in High School I thought, “Oh man…our kids are about 3 1/2 years from beginning the journey we were on when we first met!”  It was that “we’re getting old” moment.

A Call From Our Neighbor

Posted: September 24, 2009 in Living Stones Church, vision

I received a call late this afternoon from an older gentleman who lives a few blocks away from the church on Woodside & Dale St.  When I answered the phone he asked if he had reached the Pastor’s office.  I told him he had.  He then said that he had seen the story about the Shoe Event for Monroe School.  He said (as best I can remember to get it just right):

“I’m very happy with my Roman Catholic Church, but I have to tip my hat to a church that is doing a great thing in our neighborhood.  Thank you for doing that.”

I appreciated him taking the time to hunt down our phone number and call to say that.  I don’t expect everyone to come to the Living Stones Church (although they should 🙂 ) but I at the very least would love for our neighbors to think to themselves, “I”m glad that church is in our neighborhood…it is better off because of it.

This is brilliant.  I think it is because his name is Sam.  Thus, Sam I am presents – Sam

The Shoe Event

Posted: September 23, 2009 in Living Stones Church, Schools, South Bend, vision

I believe this very well could be one of the best things the Living Stones Church has ever done!  Even on Sunday everyone was still aglow because of such a GREAT event.  Thank you to Jennae Gee, Jim Ruth, Wally Last, Kristin Harris, Jeff Lentych-Hack, the whole REEF team…and A BUNCH of volunteers.  I am so proud!!  Seriously…I love this church!!

One of the most well-organized and smooth events!!  GREAT response from families from Monroe School.  You can see a few news clips here and here.

Here are some pictures thanks to Heather Donahue:

Guaranteed to Make You Feel Better

Posted: September 23, 2009 in Uncategorized

Well…the Mayor of South Bend officially acknowledged that the College Football Hall of Fame was moving to Atlanta (even though the rest of us heard last night…exclusively…first…on WNDU…does anyone else find that obnoxious?).  It was controversial from the beginning.  It was supposed to be self-sustaining.  Never attained such status.  Required tax payer investment to keep it going.  They projected 200,000 visits per year.  Barely mustered 60,000.  I went once.  It was nice.  Once.  Didn’t really picture myself going again.  But now there is a building that will be vacant (at least by 2010) in the middle of downtown.  Great.  Another vacant building.  And the building isn’t paid off for another eight years.  Another blow to South Bend?  Good news for tax payers in South Bend?  Should Mayor Luecke (and our city government) also leave for Atlanta?

Third week of our Unafraid series continues this Sunday!