College Football Hall of Fame Moving to Atlanta

Posted: September 23, 2009 in Politics, South Bend, sports

Well…the Mayor of South Bend officially acknowledged that the College Football Hall of Fame was moving to Atlanta (even though the rest of us heard last night…exclusively…first…on WNDU…does anyone else find that obnoxious?).  It was controversial from the beginning.  It was supposed to be self-sustaining.  Never attained such status.  Required tax payer investment to keep it going.  They projected 200,000 visits per year.  Barely mustered 60,000.  I went once.  It was nice.  Once.  Didn’t really picture myself going again.  But now there is a building that will be vacant (at least by 2010) in the middle of downtown.  Great.  Another vacant building.  And the building isn’t paid off for another eight years.  Another blow to South Bend?  Good news for tax payers in South Bend?  Should Mayor Luecke (and our city government) also leave for Atlanta?

  1. The Bishop says:

    I well remember the hoopla when they the Hall folks came to town and the city fathers wanted us to be friendly and welcoming. What they saw was a bunch of rubes willing to be fleeced by an enterprise intended to produce “scholarships” for questionable connections to the Hall hierarchy. Great job Mayors Kernan and Luecke. How ironic that the street sign next to the building in which I work says Hall of Fame Way. What a farce!!!

  2. Jennifer G. says:

    DTSB Fail.
    I will love it when someone suggests putting luxury condos in the building.

  3. eB says:

    I’ll photograph a wedding reception in the Press Box room upstairs next month and that’ll be the 2nd time in 2 years I’ve been there – to photograph receptions. Don’t remember ever being there otherwise.

    One of the news page commenters mentioned moving city officials’ offices out of the county building into the HoF since they’re paying rent at County and mortgage on the HoF. Don’t know if it’s true but putting the offices in the middle of area businesses that benefit from a GOOD choice of tenant might not be a bad thing. See the scowls of the taxpayers and all that stuff.

  4. Glenn says:

    Now the hall will be empty as all the promises!

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