The Shoe Event

Posted: September 23, 2009 in Living Stones Church, Schools, South Bend, vision

I believe this very well could be one of the best things the Living Stones Church has ever done!  Even on Sunday everyone was still aglow because of such a GREAT event.  Thank you to Jennae Gee, Jim Ruth, Wally Last, Kristin Harris, Jeff Lentych-Hack, the whole REEF team…and A BUNCH of volunteers.  I am so proud!!  Seriously…I love this church!!

One of the most well-organized and smooth events!!  GREAT response from families from Monroe School.  You can see a few news clips here and here.

Here are some pictures thanks to Heather Donahue:

  1. Jill VanDriessche says:

    Seeing the pictures– instantly brings back the joy in my heart that I felt on Saturday!!! A truly remarkable event that will stay with me for a very long time. The smiles on our students faces–simply amazing!!!!


  2. Tracy says:

    I live in a generation of “un-churched” people. I was brought up “in the church” but after I became an adult I moved away from that strict upbringing. I have to say that watching the video of your “shoe event” moved me literally to tears. It exemplified “do this to the least of these”. You can see in the faces of the volunteers that ernest and sincere prayers were being offered up and the children’s feet were cleansed by loving hands. The smiles on the faces of the youth were radiant. This event will be a life changing event for each of these children. Someone cared enough…..cared enough…to wash their feet and pray for them individually. As they move through life they will always have that moment in a special pocket of their heart.
    I’ve never been more proud of a church in my lifetime.

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