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I was out of town last week so I’m behind, but here it is:

This is Tracey.  She scares me.  She is impulsive, a threat to her partner, and totally erratic in her behavior to the other contestants.  She isn’t Vicki from season 6, but I’m looking forward to her being sent home.  I like her partner, Mo, and feel sorry for him.  If Tracey is so “injured” that they won’t even let her exercise, she should go home and allow teams who are healthy and can participate to remain.

She spooks me.

  • That Sean & Antoine are just cool.  Class act.
  • Good-bye Julio.
  • If I were a waiter in a Mexican restaurant and had Bob & Jillian and crew with all of their food “demands” at my table…I think I would quit.  Lesson I learned…while dieting…don’t eat Mexican!!!
  • Abby’s story is killing me.  Every time they show pictures of her 2 1/2 week baby that died in the car crash I want to sob like a baby.
  • Speaking of “sobbing like a baby”...Danny cries too much.  Gets on my nerves 🙂
  • That Daniel is just a good kid.  I like him.

Looks like Antoine and Alexandra are an item.

We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

Posted: October 7, 2009 in Culture, vision

When I see this I have two totally opposite reactions:

1.  Try to critically think through what this means for life and ministry.

2.  Commit to living in an Amish community.

Alive But a Little Overwhelmed

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(an actual conversation)

Dad: I see you haven’t blogged in a long time.

Me: I know.  I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time.

Dad: I’m tired of seeing your 16 years ago picture.

Fine.  Here you go dad.  A new blog post with a new picture.  Happy 40th anniversary.  Check out that cheeky hairdo…