Favorite Letter Ever

Posted: October 15, 2009 in Living Stones Church, vision

In fear of self-promotion, I offer the following, but this letter was just too great and too encouraging for me not to share –

Living Stones Church,

I just had to write you.  My family and I live in your neighborhood.  I am a Monroe mom and I also work there as a Kindergarten Instructional Assistant.  I had to let you know how many times your church has touched my life.  Most recently, we attended the Shoe Event.

What an event!  I must say that it can be a little intimidating to accept such a generous gift.  I came a little hesitantly, but the feeling didn’t last.  From the first person we met in a green shirt to the last we were made to feel welcome.  You met us with smiles and threw an amazing party.  My family and I had a great time – from the games and bouncer to the food and face painting.  It was so exciting, and it was amazing for me to sit back and watch all my Monroe kids with their families.  Oh I hope all your volunteers had the chance to step back and see their impact…it brought tears to my eyes.  I know so many of these kids and I love them.  Sometimes there isn’t much to be happy about.  I was so touched to be able to see them just let loose and be happy.  You loved them without even knowing them.  I could see on their faces how much it meant to them.

There are moments in your life that you just want to take in and hold on to.  One happened at the Shoe Event, but the one you missed was the following Monday morning at Monroe.  You missed the kids coming in, still smiling, excited to show off their new shoes.  You gave them so much more than great shoes.  You gave them something to be proud of and you touched them with God’s love.  You showed all those kids that they matter!

And amazing as that is, that’s not all.  You blessed our kids with clothes and school supplies and snacks.  A couple of years ago, you gave gloves and Christmas presents to some of our families.  You’ve helped us when we’ve asked and even when we haven’t.  You’ve made a difference at our school and to my family personally.

As a family, we visited the live Nativity at your church during the Candlelight Walk.  We’ve had flyers delivered to our door inviting us to services and special events.  I’ve been to a couple of concerts at your Underground Cafe.

Even though my family and I regularly attend another church, I am intrigued by you.  I want to check your church out.  You are clearly doing so many things right.  You aren’t keeping God within the four walls of your church, you are delivering God’s love to so many people.

I just want to thank you for your presence in this community, your dedication to God’s work, and the light you have shone in my life.  You are an awesome church and your outreach is limitless.  And though these words are not enough – thank you, thank you, thank you.



O.K. [sniff, sniff]…I’m not going to find some Kleenex

  1. Glenn says:

    Truely Awesome!!!!

  2. Greg F says:

    Incredible Sam. Way to go.

  3. […] They give the elementary school a lot of their time and energy; for example, last year they gave new shoes to every student who wanted them. And nobody on Erskine Blvd. has forgotten how, after a terrible storm that toppled many dozens of […]

  4. […] They give the elementary school a lot of their time and energy; for example, a few years ago they gave new shoes to every student who wanted them. And nobody on Erskine Blvd. has forgotten how, after a terrible storm toppled many dozens of […]

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