The Best Volunteers in the World

Posted: October 15, 2009 in Children's Ministry, Leadership, Living Stones Church, vision

This past Saturday morning the Living Stones Church had a volunteer training for our children’s ministry (“Training Exercises for a Kids Kanyon Expedition“).  We call our children’s ministry Kids Kanyon (it has a rock/stone kind of theme to it…we’re kind of into that here 🙂 ).  We gathered to prepare for a launch of Kids Kanyon 2.0 (an upgrade based on our experiences over the past six months of growth, etc.).  I LOVE the decisions that have been made and the directions we are heading.  Really…LOVE THEM!!

I’ve been able to see first hand what went into Saturday’s training and into this whole Kids Kanyon 2.0. I have seen A TON of work!  For almost two months now we have had our children’s ministry team + another group of educators, experts in child development, and individuals who have experience in a growing children’s ministry come together to map out a clear and intentional path for children’s ministry here at the Living Stones Church.

They have worked hard.  I have to tell you how impressed & thankful I am.  They have sacrificed ALOT OF time (for starters: a two hours weekly meeting between 8-10 p.m.).  They have wrestled with a lot of issues.  They have spent a lot of time outside of our meetings reading, preparing, working, organizing, etc.  And even for Saturday’s training…they worked hard preparing presentations (yea…public speaking…like the #1 fear known to humanity)…they did it.  They had handouts.  They had powerpoint presentations.  They gave their presentations to the whole team; received feedback and suggestions; reworked their material, etc.

During the training we had three main sessions (#1 – Vision; #2 – Classroom Management; #3 – Volunteer Expectations and Q&A) and three breakout sessions (Nursery, Pre-School, Kindergarten-1st Graders, 2nd-3rd graders, Check-in/Greeting, Leading Kids in Worship, Loving Well Special Needs children, 1st Look Curriculum, 252 Basics Curriculum); there was food; etc.

It was outstanding.  And I couldn’t be more proud!!!  They did great!  All the feedback I’ve received from Saturday’s training; and Sunday’s experience of Kids Kanyon 2.0 has been great.

So…to Dawn Lentych-Hack, Sarah Boyce, Buffy Gerndt, Kathy Silk, Matt Hooton, Beth Harsch, Kyra Hammett, Angie Medors, Cynthia Kneip, Diane Barrington, Sarah Wilken, Jennae Gee (who did a ton to pull off Saturday morning), Amy Osterhout, and Ann Lynn (who has borne the burden of not only the organization of Saturday’s training but the execution of Kids Kanyon on Sunday morning) – THANK YOU; I LOVE YOU; I AM PROUD OF YOU; YOUR HARD WORK IS TRULY A BLESSING TO THE LIVING STONES CHURCH!!!

IMPORTANT PRAYER REQUEST: One thing we know we need is someone who can lead our children’s ministry on a full-time basis.  So that search has begun.  Keep this in your prayers and I look forward to seeing what God has in store for us!!!


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