ND vs. USC

Posted: October 17, 2009 in Notre Dame, sports

Did we lose? Yes.

Am I disappointed?  Yes.

Am I still a fan?  YES!!

I know we lost.  But I still like Charlie Weis and Jimmy Clausen.

I’m for them.  Very dramatic.  Sad loss.  They are competitors.  I like that.  I’m not turning my back on them.

  1. david says:

    Who did you let in your house wearing USC garb??

    Jimmy was :01 from winning the Heisman.

  2. Jennifer G. says:

    Good post! Go Irish!

  3. Latenitemike says:

    There was nothing like being at the WII bowling and watch ND getting it handed to them…sry jeff and tat.

    MIchigan Fan for life!

    Though I wonder , why they was out to get me bowling……lol

    much luv

    And Denver Bronco Won 6-0 does it get any better!

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