Church Planting Definitions

Posted: October 21, 2009 in Church, vision

Just so we’re clear.  If you tell me you are a part of a new “church plant” here is what I think:

You are in process of beginning a new community of faith that didn’t spring up out of nowhere, but rather is linked together with the church at large, and more particularly with blessing and support from an existing church.  There is something by way of vision and strategy that makes this “church plant” exciting and compelling.  There is a reason why other proven leaders see in this new church plant exciting Kingdom possibilities and because of it they affirm gifts to begin a new church and support it, sometimes with resources, finances, and at the very least prayer.  The foundation of the church plant will be Jesus (in attitude, speech, and behavior) and its focus will be intentionally directed towards outreach and God’s Kingdom agenda.

Even in that…most church plants fail (upwards of 70%).

But if you tell me you, and a “bunch of others” are hacked off at your previous church’s leadership and don’t like how they do things so you are going to start your own church  (with as many people you can find who are also hacked off at said leaders).  This is not called “church planting.”  This is called church piracy.  And the sign you put in front should reflect that.  You can speak the language of intentionality and mission, but if the back story is really about a church split…this isn’t a church plant.  I’m just saying…

  1. Lori says:

    I wish there was a ‘like’ button!!!!!!!

  2. Steve Miller says:

    It could also be church freedom for those that remained. Sometimes the pirates need to vacate so the remainder can find their mission.

  3. Memaw says:

    Amen, brother Steve. You hit the pirates door. Do you suppose the Lord has a hand in the purging ?

  4. Memaw says:

    Amen, brother Steve. You hit the pirates with the door. Do you suppose the Lord has a hand in the purging ?

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