Change in the Communion Bread

Posted: October 23, 2009 in Living Stones Church

Attention Living Stoners

I know you guys are particular about your communion bread.  I also know you enjoy the homemade communion bread that we normally have going down here at the Living Stones Church.  BUT…the way it is passed now, just about everyone touches the bread to break a piece off.  Yea…try not to think about it too long.  So, either everyone should sit up front (which I’m down with…as long as I still get to sit in the first chair); or we find a temporary alternative.  Given the present flu season (with all of the hype about H1N1 blah…blah…blah) we decided to go back to the pre-cut pieces that allow you to grab one, without having to touch all the others!

Just so you know before Sunday – there has been a change in the communion bread!

We’ll resume with the homemade stuff when the Catholic Church declares everyone can share from their common cup 🙂

P.S.  please don’t lick the pre-cut pieces and put them back in the tray 🙂 (this is a joke…no one does that…right?)

  1. alex says:

    And there was much rejoicing by all who don’t like the cookie-bread thing. Yeah!

  2. Ann says:

    And there was much rejoicing by all who don’t want to get the H1N1 virus or any virus for that matter! Thanks to those ladies that have made the bread, you guys rock! Come spring we will break it together again.

  3. the other Ed's wife says:

    Sam, just a suggestion to go totally germ free, we could have those delicious Jesus in a cup that we used at the YMCA, and you could just have them placed under the seats like Oprah does with car keys and books. “And you get Communion, And you get communion”, “Tax not included”!

  4. Memaw says:

    It’s a shame that it has taken us so long to be concerned about the spreading of the flu virus via the communion bread. We have the flu season with us every year. At least, the H1N1 is doing a good service to us by waking us up to germ warfare.

  5. the other ed says:

    you know, I personally think that the H1N1 adds a great flavor to the communion bread, giving it a certain picant nuttiness….ahhh how can I more adequately describe the rainbow of flavor that is the flu?

  6. Dana says:

    Phewww…..last week as I took the bread I said..”please let no one have horked on this…”

  7. Jennifer G. says:

    we do have the best communion bread around!

  8. latenitemike says:

    “But I thought the Christian Bug’s were the blessed??”

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