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The Story Conference

Posted: October 27, 2009 in conferences, Preaching

I’m here (thanks to the generosity of a kind individual).  I’m hoping by it to become a better communicator.  I’ve been entrusted with a very important story.

Rudy…good job on losing 100 lbs. faster than any other contestant on the Biggest Loser.

Jillian…way to go after it in regards to the underpinning psychological issues of overeating with the contestants.

Abby…I’m heart-broken.  How brave, courageous, inspirational, and sacrificial.  (You made my wife cry.)  Hoping for you in the greatest of ways.

HEARTBROKEN.  Welcome back to life.  Enjoy every moment of it.  You deserve it.  I have nothing else to say.


Blockbuster South Side Closing

Posted: October 27, 2009 in South Bend

The Blockbuster on the South Side of South Bend is closing.  Bummer for the South Side.  I wonder if they just couldn’t keep up with the competition from Redbox, online streaming via the internet, and other online options.  Does anyone still go to the actual store?  (I know we did from time to time).  So…another business on the South Side…GONE!